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Wait! I Can't What??

Monday is my rest day. After work, J.R. and I took a walk to the park, then to the store. I loaded up on a ton of fruit. I'm very excited about all the options I now have sitting in my fridge. Peaches, nectarines, grapes, strawberries, blackberries and apples. Oh my! I'm contemplating a wonderful smoothie for later.

Tuesday morning I was up and swinging away. This particular workout called for 135 squats and 270 swings on top of the normal 120 swing warm up. There were other moves involved but I was exhausted by the amount of leg work today. But it's good for me.

Tuesday was also my doctor's visit. Well, I wasn't pleased to say the least. I almost feel like it was a waste of time. But I am getting some much needed blood work done so I'm ok with it. I was basically told my knee needed rest. Yep. I figured that. That's what I've been doing. (Though I'm sure all those squats and swings didn't help matters this morning.) I was told to take a regimen of ibuprofen for the next week to help with the inflammation  Ok got it.

I was then told cycling was no good either. Wait hold up. What? Cycling is supposed to be better on your knees. I tried explained this to her. I was then told it's the same movement. I explained my knee only hurts when I run or walk down hill after long distances, not when I cycle. She wouldn't budge. I was told swimming was good. Well, that's fantastic. I don't exactly have access to a pool I can swim laps in at the moment.

So now I'm left with attempting to figure out what to do to lay off the knee for the next two weeks but not lose everything I've gained fitness-wise these past few weeks. My walks with J.R. have been good. They haven't hurt my knee. I take it pretty easy and we don't go far. But this isn't exactly peaking my cardio either.  Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. This runner is not a happy camper at the moment. I just want to be able to run. Is that too much to ask?

On a good note, my school's charter was finally renewed for the next two years. It wasn't something I was overly concerned about. But having that question answered is a big relief around the workplace. Now maybe we can focus on finishing out the year. This teacher has major senioritis. 5 1/2 weeks to go. Just don't ask me how much grading I have to do. It isn't pretty.

Today's prompt is: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Here they are in no particular order. 

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Just gotta keep moving!


Have you dealt with any injuries? How did you handle it?


  1. Hi, I seem to be more injury prone now as a runner than I was as a soccer player. I had to retire from soccer due to age. I couldn't keep up with the youngsters plus I now coach my son's team. Since I started running though I keep getting calf strains. I think I have found the cure though and that is to wrap them in adhesive bandages. This appears to be doing the trick. However, on my last run I did badly sprain my ankle! No luck at the moment! :( nice blog though :)

    1. Ouch. Ankle injuries are the worst. I'm always afraid of twisting my ankle. But of course I'm a bit of a klutz. And thanks!

  2. I'm so bad at dealing with injuries because I don't listen to doctors that well and get too eager to get back to doing what I want to do--they told me nothing but swimming as well. Argh. Try to stick to resting it!

    1. I know I've been going stir crazy and it hasn't even been one day. I'm really trying to figure out what I can do to keep myself conditioned for the next week and a half. But I'm really trying to be good.

  3. Oh man, I have been where you have been. I hurt my knee running downhill. I took lots of Motrin while I took it easy for a week or so. I kept pushing and ended up with a stress fracture. The doc put on RICE for a week and then 4 weeks on the bike. I got tendonitis in my IT band from the bike. :(

    I tried to find all sorts of other stuff to do like the recumbent bike, walking, and rollerblading. In the end, I had to have an MRI and a eventually a meniscal repair. The surgery had me down for 2 days with ice, 5 more days with manageable pain, and then I started walking everyday for a month. Followed by running 1 mile twice a week.

    The knee is excellent a year alter and I am up to 125 miles per month. The PT told me running woudl be a treat and a few miles a week would be it. LOL I had to take it slow, use my rest days, strength train, I ice skated and rollerbladed for my cross-train. (uses the hips more than the knee)

    BTW - running and biking are NOT the same, and neither is swimming. Good long distance running mechanics are easier on the knee than the continued bend cycle of biking. If you use toe clips so that you have the upward portion of the cycle, this has a different impact on the knee. Swimming and the elliptical of course have no impact, then they also flex the knee.

    The question is could this be avoided? I don't know. I also ended up with rotator cuff surgery from overdoing it in the weight room while my knee recovered. :)

    I would try a chiropractor who uses the ART method. I found this to be far better than weeks of therapy for both the knee and the shoulder.

    Take care of yourself, and good luck.

    1. Wow that's a lot to go through. Yeah I had already thought of seeing a chiropractor. I need to anyway I have back issues. This might be the excuse that finally gets me in there.


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