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Friday, May 3, 2013


Because I have managed to post the past two days, I decided I would attempt to post everyday this month. I know that May is going to be crazy busy, but I like shooting for a goal. While perusing the internets this morning, I came across this Blog Everyday in May Challenge. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Even though I am a couple of days late, I figured I would join. At the very least it will give me different topics to ramble on about throughout the month.

Today’s topic is things that make you uncomfortable. One thing that makes me uncomfortable is being the center of attention. I am a fairly quiet and shy person. Being placed in a situation where I have the attention of more than one or two people bothers me.

Birthday parties were always difficult for me. The party itself didn’t bother me. However, having to sit there while all my friends and family would watch me open gifts was a nightmare.

Another thing that makes me uncomfortable is hearing people chew anything. I don’t know if I can say this just makes me uncomfortable. This particular act could send me into a fit of rage if I had less control of myself. That is the extreme degree to which it bothers me. I always figured I was just strange, which let’s fact it, I am for a number of reasons.

However, a few months back I discovered this particular malady has a name. Misophonia. I wasn’t alone, that at least made me feel better about myself, though my hatred for eating sounds continues to plague me. I am sure there are other things that make me uncomfortable, but that is all I can think of at the moment.

Thursday night was yoga for me. It felt good to “get the goo out,” as my instructor would say. I am getting more balanced in my headstands, which I am excited about. One of these days I will conquer a handstand.

Friday morning I skipped my run, opting to let my legs heal a bit more before getting on the road again. My 5K Sunday should be interesting. Because I couldn’t just skip a work out, I did kettlebells instead.

I am very nervous about my ride Saturday. I haven’t been on my bike in over a month. This particular ride has 3 cat 5 climbs. I will just have to take it nice and easy.

In other news, I had to share the latest mishaps at my job. Earlier this week, one of my coworkers, P, and another unnamed person (I admit nothing)  took the confetti from all the hole punches in the office and strategically placed them in the defroster of another coworkers, C,  car.

Needless to say, C was not pleased when confetti blasted at him (or as he put it, “shards of paper hurled at him”) as he drove away. It apparently took him 20 minutes to vacuum his car. The rest of us found it hilarious.

Friday we do not have students. Things are a bit more relaxed without them. In retribution for the weeks earlier prank, C, along with some help, put 34 chairs in P’s cubicle. 

It was hilarious. I am now being told retribution will be coming for me as well. However, I was told this back in December when we did this to his cubicle. 

The TP was held in place with Febreeze
We will see. Until then, I just keep my head down and hope he forgets. He did threaten to shower me with glitter at the end of my mud run next month. I say bring it on, I know where you live. 

Just gotta keep moving.

What makes you uncomfortable?

What pranks have you done or had done to you? Are you someone who loves or hates pranks?

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