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Positive Influences and Carpe Diem

I mentioned in a previous post I bought a new phone on Saturday. I was able to find a very good deal (I only paid for the taxes). I have been loving my new phone. One problem has been the alarm. Apparently, the alarm does not ring if the phone is on silent. Uh oh. I never had a problem with this on my old phone. I am going to have to see if there is a setting that can fix this.

Because of this little issue, I woke up late this morning. Actually, I woke up to J.R. asking me when I had to be up. I looked at the clock and muttered, "crap," as I rolled out of bed.

I was in no mood for a run this morning. I had zero desire to run. Plus, I was nervous about my knees. All of this coupled with my late wake up meant a shortened run for me.

Rather than the 6 miles my training schedule called for, I did 4. It was a fairly decent run, despite my hesitations. As usual, once I was out and running, I was so glad I did. 

Instead of going straight up my normal hill, I did a bit of a zig zag up the hill. This really makes my run so much easier, not to mention more enjoyable.

Once I began my descent back to J.R.'s work, my knees began to give me a bit of trouble, specifically my right knee. It was then it finally occurred to me, I seem to have knee pain on the descents. This was a relief to finally discover this. In the future, I believe kt tape will be a good friend. I hope it helps. My knee will definitely be taped for my long run Saturday.

Other than the knee pain, I was fairly pleased with this run. That being said, I am dreadfully terrified by my long run Saturday. 12 miles. God help me. It's my last long run before I begin tapering for my half.

After my run this morning I came home and made myself some breakfast. I usually make something quick as I am always running later than I'd like. This morning I opted for some oatmeal. I know there is instant oatmeal but I use the real stuff and come up with my own concoctions. This morning it was oatmeal with cinnamon, honey and fresh strawberries. It was so good. I may just have it again tomorrow, when I'm not in quite as much a rush.

I had a picture of my wonderful oatmeal. It has been deleted. :(
Because I work at a charter school, every few years the school district we are in must vote to renew our charter. This year there was talk that the board would not renew. This is not uncommon. A school board sees charter schools as taking money away from their own schools. It is understandable. What we have to point out to the school board is we are serving students they simply are unable to in the constraints of a traditional classroom. Most of our students would be dropouts if they did not attend our school.

This week we are having our students write letters to the board about what this school means to them. Reading their responses has been as good as any teacher appreciation gift they could give me. 99% of my students said one reason they love their school are the teachers. 

This made my day. It feels so good to know you are having an impact on students. High schoolers can often times be tough to crack through to. Knowing I am having a positive influence on my students means the world to me.

Today's prompt in my post a day in May was: piece of advice you have for others. 

This will be a rather appropriate piece of advice being that I'm a teacher. And it will also be a bit cliche but I don't care. Carpe Diem. Sieze the day! (Don't you just love Dead Poet's Society. Fantastic movie!)

Life is short. It is pointless to spend our days worrying about things you can't control. It is a waste of time to spend one second not actively pursuing what you want most out of life. Life moves by so quickly. Living life to the fullest is the only way to truly live a life. Who wants to spend their life regretting past mistakes or missed opportunities? The present moment is all we have. Worrying about the past is pointless. It's done and over with. We must simply learn from it. Obsessing about the future and what it may or may not occur only brings needless anxiety. If it is going to happen it will happen. You do the best with what you have and you move on. No one can control the future and it is silly to waste the present agonizing over it. Doing your best today in the moment is all anyone can really do.

I couldn't resist adding this one in. :)

As usual just gotta keep moving!

What does your typical breakfast look like?

What is the best piece of advice you could give?

What is your biggest dream?
Me I'm a bit scared of my dream. It seems too big and unfathomable to me. At times I feel it is unrealistic. I want to write. I know I write this little blog. But I mean be paid to write. That is my dream. 


  1. I did not want to workout this morning and since it's hot in my part of FL already in the morning, I did speedwork on the treadmill plus some strength training. Isn't it awesome how we always feel so much better after we work out?

    For breakfast, I typically have oatmeal as well. I love making me own concoctions instead of using the instant oatmeal. It makes me feel better about what's going into my body. My favorite mix-in is natural peanut butter.

    1. It really is amazing how much better you feel after you work out. Even if it is a bad work out you still don't regret having gotten out there.

      I never liked oatmeal before but a friend suggested I try steal cut. I love it and all the little concoctions I come up with it.


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