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Pick Five

Today's prompt is: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them. This is going to be difficult to narrow down. A few years ago I was reading quite a few blogs. But they were mostly of women who were dealing with infertility. I related to them and their experiences. However, I came to a point that focusing so much of my time, energy and thoughts on this one subject was overwhelming. So I had to step away.

Recently, I've been getting back into the blogging world again. However, this time my focus is quite a bit different. I am all about the health and fitness blogs. I must admit it was difficult to choose 5 because I have so many blogs on my reader at the moment. I'm just starting to get to know them all so picking favorites is not easy. But here are the one's I've come up with.

1. Runs for Cookies
This was a no brainer. If you have not checked out her blog you need to. She is an amazing inspiration with her weight loss and her new love of running. I'm inspired by not only what she has accomplished but also with her honesty. She shows the world that the weight loss journey doesn't end when you meet your goal but is a lifelong adventure. 

2. Olive to Run
I recently came across Cori at Olive to Run. She is a fellow teacher and a runner. What's not to like? You will hear this more than once but I read blogs I find relateable. and I can relate to much of her posts. And you must check out her recent post on sports bras. It's hilarious.

3. Curious Runner Girl
Another recent addition to my list of blogs. I enjoy reading Rachel's posts because again I relate. She is another teacher. What is it with teacher's and blogs? Oh yeah we like to write. :) She also recently discovered running after having a hate for running. So I enjoy reading about her own journey with running. 

4. Too Cute Runner
She really is too cute. I enjoy reading her blog because she just seems like a very sweet person. Someone you would love to have as a friend. Oh and she's also into running. See a theme here?

5. Read Hard Run Harder
How could I not love this girl's blog. I found her blog on Thursday or Friday. So this is my most recent addition. But she's a librarian. Hello? I LOVE books! She also recently discovered running. Um yeah me too! And she's a lot of fun. 

Gotta keep moving!


What are your favorite blogs?

What keeps you reading a blog?


  1. Nawww thanks Amy, this is the biggest compliment ever! Glad you enjoy reading my blog, and yes, I think we are totally similar :)
    I definitely have to read over my posts before I publish them and cut them down sometimes almost by half... It must be the love to talk/write teacher thing :)

    1. Your very welcome. You deserve it.

      I do the same thing. I always feel like I'm rambling on.


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