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Pain and Exhaustion

Sunday morning it was both easy and difficult to wake up for my early start. It was easy and difficult for the same reason ironically enough. The reason being, I was already awake. I was up on and off all night and didn't sleep well at all. That is the perfect way to start a race day right?

J.R. and I were up and quickly out the door. As i made my way down the stairs, I felt a familiar twinge in my left knee. Crap. Not this again.

As we made our way to the race and then to the start line, my knee continued to twinge in pain. This was definitely not the way I wanted this race to go. I vowed I would take things easy as the race began.

Only I didn't.

The night before I was able to upgrade my phone. I was extremely excited about my new toy. By Sunday morning I had all my apps ready to go and my playlist set up. However, as the race began and I pushed play, it did not start with my normal slow warm up song. No it began with something fast. Between that and the energy of the start of a race, I was off and running much faster than I should have.

Thankfully, my knee was suddenly feeling great. I was feeling great. Though this may have just been the adrenaline. I knew I should have slowed a bit. But I was having too much fun.

For the first mile. A bit after I passed the first mile marker pain suddenly began to shoot through my right knee. Yep not the left one that had been giving me fits, the right one.

I slowed down a bit but kept going. A bit after mile 2, I began to feel better. However, I had spent too much energy at the beginning, along with a lousy night of sleep, and the event the day before, I was beginning to fatigue.

I soon saw the mile 3 marker ahead of me. It was then I told myself I could walk until I reached that marker. That was a mistake.

As I hit the 3 mile marker and began to run once again, pain shot through my knee. I continued to run through the pain, albeit a bit slowly.

Soon I turned the corner and saw the finish line. This is when I began to sprint. The pain in my knee suddenly didn't matter. I don't know if it stopped hurting or if I was too focused on running that I didn't notice. I just wanted to finish strong.

My previous PR was 29.14 last March. I was hoping to PR again at this race as I haven't done a 5K that I really ran since then. Alas, it was not to be. My time was 30.38. Not terrible, but not what I was hoping. After this half marathon is over, I want to begin working on my speed.
J.R. finishing
After I finished, I picked up my brick for having completed the ride Saturday, as well as the run. I then made my way to the finish to watch J.R. complete the race. As he finished, it began to lightly sprinkle on and off. The weather here has been crazy this past week. Friday it was in the mid-90's. Sunday? Low 60's. Crazy!
He's just happy to be done. He hates to run.
J.R. and I went home, showered and were able to make it to church. However, we were exhausted. Finally sitting still, the fatigue suddenly hit me. It took everything in me to stay awake through the service. I soon became fidgety. After service, we quickly left, grabbed some food, as we were starving, then made our way to bed.

I had a difficult time remembering the last time I was so tired. With the back to back events, no nap Saturday and a fitful night of sleep the night before, I crashed. Thankfully, Monday is a rest day. However, as I am attempting to write a post every day in the month of May, I am also attempting to do something active every day in the month of May. So my rest days will be active rests. This will more than likely constitute a walk to the park with J.R.

And because it is too cute not to share, as I sit here writing this, my adorable Camie sits here next to me passed out in her bed. And she is now snoring. She has this need to constantly be with/on me, especially in bed or at the computer. This can be annoying and overwhelming at times.

As we are in the midst of reorganizing our office, we have a bit more desk space. I had the genius idea to put a bed (that she rarely uses) there for her in hopes she would leave me alone. I wasn't sure if it would actually work. But sure enough, I put her in there, gave her some love and she settled right in. This is going to make working on the computer so much easier! It's the little things, you know?

Just gotta keep moving!

Do you set goals for yourself? What are some of the goals you expect to finish in the near future?

Do you have pets? 

I obviously have my little Camie. We also have her giant brother Chase. He is twice her size at 18 pounds and has the personality of a dog. We call him our puppykitty. Camie on the other hand, is all cat. A complete diva. Good thing she's adorable.


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