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Overcast & Cloudy = Great Swim?

The sky's were gray and overcast. The air carried a bit of a chill. It was a wonderful Saturday morning, especially for a run. Only I wasn't going for a run, yet again. Instead I was headed to the pool. An outdoor pool. A pool I wasn't sure was heated.

Needless to say, I wasn't so sure about putting my feet in this morning. But I knew I had to. I knew I had to get some cardio work in.

With great trepidation, I first put one foot then the next. It wasn't so bad! Relief flooded me as I realized the pool was no colder than it was outside. I could definitely do this! And I wouldn't have to suffer through a few miserable laps in order to feel ok with the water temperature.

I wasn't sure how well I would handle this workout. I hadn't been in the pool since September last year. Yikes! That's a long time. But I've always been a bit of a fish and have loved swimming. I was pleasantly surprised how well I felt during this workout. I eased into things a first but I eventually found my stroke and was good to go for the long haul.

Before I jumped in the pool delicately put my feet in the pool to test the temperature, I forced J.R. to help me measure the length of the pool. I wanted to have a semi-accurate calculation of my distance. Of course I'm all about the stats. What runner/athlete isn't?

We figured the pool to be approximately 13 yards long. Not too terrible long, but it would do for my purposes. When I started I was out just for time. I wasn't looking for any amount of laps or yards. I just wanted to swim.

I set my alarm for 15 minutes and away I went. I was able to do 20 laps. I started the 15 minutes over and was able to do another 20 laps. I then decided (because I'm OCD) to get in another 10 laps to make it an even 50 and a total of 1300 yards. This time I set my timer to see how fast I could do 10 laps in. When I stopped I looked at my phone. It was still a little cloudy and difficult to see the screen. I think it said about 7 minutes. But then my phone shut itself off. Great. Oh well.

I returned home to get a shower before heading off to a church meeting we had that morning. Only to discover the plumber was there. And he had the water turned off. Oops. So of course we were late to our meeting. But what can you do?

Tomorrow I believe I'll be doing the upper body and core workout I did yesterday. I am definitely feeling my triceps today. I'm not sure if that's from that workout or yoga. I might be switching out certain moves for others just to give myself variety.

Just gotta keep moving!

Do you enjoy swimming?
What, if anything, are you OCD about?


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