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Monday, May 20, 2013

Lazy Days

Saturday J.R. and I were lazy. It was nice. We eventually crawled out of bed and decided it wasn't too late for a ride. The ride we originally planned for the day goes through some less than safe roads. I was ok with riding these roads early in the morning with no traffic. I wasn't about to attempt them later in the day.

So we made our way to the trusty trail. We did a nice easy 23 mile out and back ride. It was a beautiful day. We were a bit concerned about the wind. However, it turned out to not effect us as much as we thought.

Well earned after ride treat! :)
After, we did a little shopping. A few weeks ago I read Too Cute Runner's review of the Reebok 7" shorts and I simply had to buy some myself to try out.

My legs are huge. Granted they are no where near the size there were before. (I lost over 10 inches in one thigh alone!) However, they are still large. They are very muscular and I'm thankful for it. I've come to accept my tree trunks. :)

Because of my larger legs, running shorts don't exactly work for me. Like many women, I have the whole chub rub going. This then causes the shorts to creep up my legs. Not fun or comfortable.

I attempted the running skirt. Initially, I thought the running skirt was a stupid idea. Then I realized the greatness of the running skirt and fell in love. I came to understand this little skirt would at least hide the fact my shorts were creeping up. Plus, they are cute. It was a win-win situation.

Only it wasn't. As much as I love the running skirts now, it is still uncomfortable to have my shorts creeping up my leg as I run. *sigh* When I read Marcia at Too Cute Runner's review of these shorts I knew I had to give them a chance. At this point I've been wearing capris. That's fine and well. But when it comes to the hotter days (like the 100 degree heat we had last week) I'm going to want shorts. I am extremely excited to try these out. My next run is Wednesday. Hopefully. If I get the ok from the doctor Tuesday.

Also, on our shopping trip we finally bought one of these bad boys.

I figured it would be a good to have if it is in fact my IT band that is the cause of this knee pain. Plus, with as active as I am it is just good to have. I won't say I wasn't warned, but dear heavens the pain this thing causes is ridiculous. All I have to say is it better work because ouch!

Sunday J.R. and I had lunch with a friend after church. We then made our way to the mall for a quick stop. I truly hate the mall and only go when it is absolutely necessary. Seriously, I'm surrounded by teenagers all day. I don't need that nonsense when I'm not at work. Besides I can't exactly yell at these kids when they are acting stupid. At least not without sounding like a crazy old lady and have them just ignore me anyway. (I don't yell at my kids either but you get what I mean.)

However, while at the mall I found these lovelies on clearance. Plus, I had a 20% off coupon. Score!

So purdy! :)

Before my weight loss I hated shopping. It wasn't fun trying to find clothes I looked good in. Not to mention it was just another reminder of how big I was. Now it's kind of fun. I still have to be in the mood, but I enjoy finding good deals.

After our little trip to the mall, J.R. and I crashed for an afternoon nap. We were lazy the rest of the day. We did take a short walk to the park to get some activity in for the day. It was a nice weekend. So nice to not be so incredibly busy you can't even rest a minute.

Just gotta keep moving!

 Do you enjoy shopping? What do you prefer to shop for?

What do you like to do on a lazy day?


  1. I only enjoy shopping when I can go by myself. I hate bringing my kids along especially, when I am getting myself new clothes or shoes. By the way those shoes are so adorable what a great deal.

  2. I can imagine having the alone time to shop just makes the experience all the better. :) Thanks. I'm loving them!


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