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Boats, Planes and Birthdays

Friday was J.R.’s birthday. To celebrate we both took the day off and headed to Catalina for the day. Because we had to be in Long Beach before 8, I had to cut my 6 mile run. I would later be very thankful for this.
The last time J.R. and I had been to Catalina was for my birthday in 2008. He surprised me by arranging for us to fly there in a little Cessna. That was the first time I flew in a smaller plane an d it was incredible. I had so much fun.
On a boat
The one downside of flying in this little plane was my size. At the time I looked like this.

I was so embarrassed when I had to reveal my weight to the pilot so he could properly fuel. For the past few years this picture has been used as my fat picture whenever I show anyone what I looked like. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to retake this picture.

 J.R. and I decided to take a hike up to the Botanical Gardens. It was a nice hike and it felt good to be active since I missed my run.

On our way back down the hill, I began to feel a familiar pain in my knee. We took our time but as we reached the end I was in a considerable amount of pain. I was also very frustrated. I want to do well on this half marathon next month, yet the closer I get, I wonder if my knee is going to allow me to run at all.

After our day on the island, we met up with J.R.’s mom and headed to LAX for dinner at Encounter.

J.R. is obsessed with planes. Being able to watch planes land while we had dinner was a dream come true for him. It was a busy and exhausting day. But it was a good day.

As always, just gotta keep moving!

Have you ever gotten a really great surprise on your birthday?

What is your best birthday memory?


  1. Amy,
    Great blog. I was amazed at the pictures! I myself am a trainer and marathon runner and it's just a great thing to see.

    I wanted to share my video with you. I hope you enjoy it and if you feel compelled to share it with others, it's appreciated. We only have 27 days!


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