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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

12 Miles, 10 Favorites and 100 Posts

This is my 100th post! Wow! That's difficult to believe!

Saturday I woke up and got ready for my 12 mile run. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. But I knew I had to get out there and do the best I could. 

I taped my knee, took some pain killers and made my way out the door. This run started not too bad. However, within the first 2 miles, I was noticing the heat. It was a hot day and it was killing me. I don’t even remember how many lizards I chased away as I ran down the sidewalk. More than I think I’ve ever seen the entire time I’ve been running. 

I felt good but the heat was zapping me of all my energy. I was forced to take more walking breaks than I care to admit.

At mile 5, I took a path through a park I had never gone through before. I pushed myself a bit more because I was able to run through more shade. Plus, I knew J.R. would be waiting for me with a new water bottle at the end.

Only he wasn’t there. I missed a turn and ended up further down the hill than I intended. I made my way back up the hill where I met with J.R. to get a very necessary new bottle of water.

As I began running again, after this short stop, my knee felt a sharp pain. I slowed my pace and soon found a stride I was comfortable with even though the pain never truly left.

I continued to carefully push myself. I didn’t want to hurt myself worse, but I also wanted to be done. The heat was really beginning to get to me. I had to tell myself the faster I went the faster I would be done in order to attempt avoiding walking. 

Around mile 9, I passed an older man who gave me a thumbs up and he told me, “You’re doing great!” I was so very thankful to this man. It is amazing what an incredible boost it is to receive a small word of encouragement.

I believed this boost would take me all the way home. But it didn’t. A minute later I had a sharp pain in my knee. My running was done for the day. I was forced to walk the rest of the way home. I tried to run a few more times but my knee wasn’t having it. At the end even walking was painful and I just wanted to be home.

I was frustrated to say the least. However, I was not defeated. I did not feel the way I felt after my first attempt at 10 miles. Then I questioned if I should ever run again. This time I still felt good.

My knee might have been in pain. I might have been exhausted from the heat. But my spirits were good. I knew I could conquer this. I was just the victim of difficult circumstances and I am not about to let that keep me out. I am going to figure out this issue with my knee. Thankfully, I don’t have any more long runs so I can take it a bit easier. But as long as my knee heals I will be doing this half and I will be doing it with confidence.

After my run, I got ready and packed. J.R. and I were going to San Diego for the night with his mom. I slept the entire drive down. We then took a walk around Seaport Village. Then we made our way to dinner. At this point we were all pretty exhausted, especially me. So we went back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

This is the same hotel we use every time we spend the weekend in San Diego. We like it because it is very centrally located. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I did not have to get up early the next morning. Almost every time we are at a hotel means getting up super early for an event. But not this time! Yay!

Sunday we slept in, had breakfast then made our way to Escondido for the start of the Tour of California. Every year J.R. and I make sure we make it to at least one stage. It is pretty amazing and humbling to see these riders ride by at such incredible speeds. 

We have also discovered the best way to view these races, from a fully catered tent at the finish line. Every year Amgen sponsors a Breakaway Mile for Cancer Patients and Survivors. Because J.R. is a cancer survivor this means a great deal to him and we participate whenever we can. It also comes with a few perks which we obviously don’t mind. It was an incredibly hot day. But we enjoyed our time and the race. It was certainly an exhausting weekend but a good one. 

Today's prompt was ten things that make you really happy. So here goes in no particular order.

1. My Family - I've said it before but my immediate family is very close. Unfortunately, they all moved to Texas and I miss them dearly. 

2. My Friends - I love my friends and the time we share with each other. I love that I have a group of people I can be myself and be comfortable with.

3. My God - I don't know what I would do or where I would be without the relationship I have with Him. I know I'm not always where I should be or do everything I should do, but having someone that loves me unconditionally is truly liberating.

4. My Goals - I am a goal setter. So having goals to accomplish is a big part of my life. I feel lost when I am not striving toward something. I love the feeling of accomplishing a goal. It really makes me happy.

5. My Cats - They are my babies. I love them. They are an amazing stress reliever and they make me happy.

6. My Books - Again they are my babies. I love them. They are an amazing stress reliever and they make me happy. :)

7. My Music - I love music. I wish I was more talented in this arena like the rest of my family. But I still really enjoy it.

8. My Naps - Who doesn't love a good nap? They definitely make me happy. I'm also easier to deal with when I'm rested. :)

9. My Bike/Yoga/Kettlebells - I love all these things. They really make me happy and relaxed. They are my time away. I can ignore the rest of the world and my life and simply focus on the task at hand. 

10. My Purple Running Shoes (or Purple Workout Gear in general) - Purple is definitely my favorite color. So much so, my students comment on it. Every time I lace these up they make me happy.

Just gotta keep moving!


What makes you happy?

What is your favorite color?

What are some goals you have set for yourself?


  1. Sunshine, family, and good food make me really happy :D My favorite color is Pink. I don't think I have enough pink in my life...and there's a lot of it already ;) I've set goals to do more strength training and speed work. I'm also working on placing in y 5k in September so I can get the sweet medal they're handing out !

  2. Food is a good one! I forgot that! I've got the same goals after this half. Definitely need more strength training and speed work. I'd like to break farther below that 30 min 5K.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Food definitely makes me happy, especially comfort food in the cooler months :)
    I am totally not good with running in heat either, so tough but you did well!

    1. Thanks! I will have to remember to get up earlier to beat the heat next time.

  4. Food, my pup, God, my friends, good music and wine are a few of my favorite things. Love this post!

    1. Thanks! It was fun to put together.

  5. Purple really is such a happy color! I love your 10 things :)


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