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The New Discovered and the Old Revisited

Since November of last year I have put on a little weight. At first I thought it was simply holiday weight. I figured I could lose it easily enough once the holidays were over. That didn’t happen.

My second thought was I stopped training for my tri and that may have brought it on. So I focused on my running. The weight stayed.
Then I remembered that losing weight is 90% diet. I figured I had continued to eat like I was training and that was why the weight wouldn’t leave. No such luck.

I then began to train for my half. I assumed for sure the weight would come off once I began training again. Nope.
The last few months have been nothing if not frustrating for me weight wise. I simply wasn’t able to determine what I was doing wrong. For heavens sake, I lost almost 100 pounds, why couldn’t I figure out how to lose these few pounds I had already lost once.

I decided to look a little closer at my diet. I found I consume a lot of sugar. That can’t be good. Then I came across this. I figured doing a sugar detox would be a good idea. However, I wasn’t going to do it while I was on Spring Break and home all day.
Last Saturday I began my sugar detox. No sugar, artificial or otherwise, including breads and other processed foods with sugar. The only sugars I allowed myself were fruits.

Today is my final day. I am relieved to have gotten through this week. I am also surprised at how relatively easy this week has been. At one point I asked J.R. if I was doing something wrong because it just seemed too easy.
My first temptation came from a most unusual place. Last July I gave up soda. I found I no longer needed it to stave off migraines and with all the negatives associated, I gave it up. However, I would still take sips here and there when J.R. would have one. This is how I was able to give them up so easily. As we sat at lunch Saturday, it took a fair amount of will power not to reach over and take a sip of J.R.’s coke.

My second major temptation came Sunday. I wanted a cookie. I wanted a cookie bad. More specifically I wanted a pizookie. If you are unfamiliar with this amazing dessert, it is a freshly baked cookie in a tin with ice cream melting over the warm cookie. Heavenly goodness. I felt it was terribly unfair that despite having run 8.4 miles, I was unable to have a cookie. I was on the verge of throwing a tantrum.
However, I survived. I managed through the week fairly easily after that. My weight is down a couple of pounds from Saturday. I’m not getting too thrilled with the loss until I see it gone for a good while and continue to drop. The worst of this adventure was the evenings. I always seem to manage throughout the day at work fine, then get home at night and want to eat everything.

I do feel better without the sugar. I ‘ve been toying with the idea of reducing the amount of carbs and be more mindful of the carbs I am eating. That is difficult because I love my sweets and carbs. But this week I discovered I can do without and feel better. I am definitely not giving them up for good, simply trying to be more mindful of what I am eating.
When I began losing weight I was solely concerned with the amount of calories I consumed. However, I am learning not all calories are created equal. The fuel I put in my body definitely has an effect and I just want to be more aware.

I have decided to continue eating the way I have been this week as far as reducing carbs and sugar. I want to continue walking in the evening in order to have an after dinner treat. However, I have decided this will be the only sugary snack I have for the day. Now hopefully I can stick to this. J
It really is amazing how my diet has changed and evolved over these years. If you had told that fat girl I would be so concerned about the food and chemicals contained within my food, she would have laughed and said, “yeah right!”

That is the long and sordid tale of my week without sugar. About the same time I was preparing myself for this sugar detox (and yes one must mentally prepare in order to survive such an ordeal) I was discussing my lack of weight loss with a friend. She reminded me of some information I had, yet forgot. She told me I needed strength training in order to lose weight. Duh.
Then it occurred to me. I stopped doing kettlebells (my source of strength training) in November and I’ve been skipping all my strength workouts since I began training. Whoops!

Tuesday morning I begrudgingly crawled out of bed and began my kettlebell workout. Minutes after completing this workout, I knew I was in trouble. I figured I could handle an advanced workout since that is what I had been doing. You know, 6 months ago. The last time I touched a kettlebell. ::palm to face::
The past two days I have been barely able to move much less walk. It has been painful. But I moved through my runs this week as well as yoga. I definitely will not be making a habit of skipping that anymore.

So there are my weight loss woes the past few months. Hopefully, I have found some lasting solutions. I would really like to get these 11 pounds I’ve put on gone, and then move on to getting to my goal weight. 21 or 31 pounds more depending on how things progress.


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