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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet Redemption

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early, several times, before my alarm, with a migraine. Fun times.
My alarm finally began to blare at me announcing it was time for me to get up and run.

I wasn’t happy about my physical state. However, I knew I had to attempt these 10 miles. I filled my water bottle, packed a gel and some chews, took some pain killers for the headache, and anti-diarrhea for my stomach, put a band aid on my blister and was off on my second attempt at 10 miles.

I made sure to take things nice and slow to begin. My run Friday was so great, I wanted a repeat. I took a different route this time. I needed to make up for the dead-end I found myself in the week before. Rather than run straight up the hill, I took a less direct route to add some mileage. I zigged and zagged my way up and down every major street on my way up the hill. I have to say I really liked it.

Mile 3 I took a short stop to pop in a chew that would end up lasting me for the next 4 miles. I was feeling good. My migraine was gone. My legs felt good. My breathing was good. Most importantly, mentally I was ready to tackle this run.

One thing I noticed was how quiet this run was. Because I left so early on a Sunday morning, there were very few cars and practically no other runners for the first 6-7 miles. It was nice and relaxing.

Between miles 6-7 I came across a few more runners. There was one couple that turned in front of me a few blocks ahead. When I saw them, I thought, “I might be able to pass them.” Most runners I come across are not going the same direction, so I rarely have the opportunity to pass others or more likely to be passed.

I was going downhill and was enjoying the descent. I wasn’t pushing myself but I was having fun. It took me a few blocks but I did eventually pass this couple. It felt good. I don’t make it a point to compete with others. I am really out there to prove something to myself and not anyone else. That being said, having the ability to pass someone was nice.

About mile 7 my stomach began to act up. I was having pains. Then I began having a stomach cramp. By this time I was on my straight away back home. But because of my stomach pain I began to slow.

This was very frustrating for me. Mentally I felt good. Besides the stomach pain, physically I felt great. I wasn’t overly tired and fatigued. However, because of my stomach, I had to walk much more of those last miles than I would have liked.

I finally reached home at just under 2 hours. I was fairly pleased with my time, considering the walking I had to endure. I would like my average pace to be a bit faster than the 11:40 it turned out to be. However, it is far greater than the 12:53 it was on my 10 miles last week. I’ll take an over minute improvement. 

In the end I am ecstatic that I was able to accomplish this run and put forth an effort I could feel good about. Next long run is in two weeks (I have a 5k and 50k bike next weekend). 12 miles here I come.

Just gotta keep moving.

What do you do when you have setbacks?

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