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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Surprises: The Good and the Bad

Thursday afternoon, I was scrolling through my facebook and I came across some pictures of friends at Disneyland. This is not an uncommon occurrence. Because I live so close I have many friends with passes and even had a season pass myself at one time. What was unusual were the people in the picture. They were friends from out of state. I hadn’t seen her since my trip to Albuquerque a few years before. 

I quickly checked to make sure they were at Disneyland and not Disneyworld. I then sent a message along the lines of, “You know I live very near Disneyland right?” In fact, she had forgotten I lived so close and asked what I was doing that evening. I replied that I had a yoga class but would be more than willing to skip it to see her and her family again.

Thursday evening we met up with my friend, her husband, 3 kids, sister and mother. It was a really great and unexpected surprise to get to see them again. I love little surprises like that.

Friday morning, I was up early and running. This was my pace run of 4.5 miles. The first mile I took things very slow and easy. I think my body appreciated it because once I came to the race pace I continued to enjoy the run, rather than feeling miserable attempting to push myself. I enjoyed my run so much that my cool down mile, albeit downhill, was faster than my race pace. I truly was trying to take it easy; I was just having a good time.

I had a great run and it felt good. I didn’t do my normal hill. But I think this run gave me the confidence I needed to get out there again Sunday and accomplish that 10 mile run.

I was feeling great, until I got home. I began having stomach pains. I had felt like throwing up once on my run but it passed.

I took a shower, got ready for work and began my daily drive in, hoping my stomach would calm down. But it didn’t.

By the time I arrived at work I was miserable. I decided I would stay long enough to attend a very important staff meeting. Our board was addressing some changes in the school.

I barely made it to the meeting. About 20 minutes in I could barely stand it. A few of my friends told me to go home. So I did. 

So what aliment decided to conflict my body? Food poisoning. I was miserable and it was all my own fault. A few days prior I ate some yogurt I wasn’t 100% sure about. So now I had to suffer the consequences. It wasn’t fun.

The upside is I lost 4 pounds in a day! If only I could keep that weight off to jump start my weight loss again. I have been in this plateau for far too long and it is becoming frustrating. I don’t know what else to do. The downside is I know that weight loss is simply because of dehydration and will quickly show itself again.

I am feeling better. I made myself skip my ride Saturday. I was horribly disappointed about that, as I haven’t been on my bike since that disastrous ride in March. I miss my bike. 

I am also nervous about my run Sunday. I don’t know if I should attempt the 10 miles or not. I will just have to pay extra attention to what my body is telling me. 

Just gotta keep moving.

How do you deal with surprises? Do you love them or hate them?

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