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Scents of Sugar and Spring

Tuesday I was up early swinging away with my kettlebell. I honestly don’t know why I ever stopped. I love these workouts. They push me and are uncomfortable, just the way a good workout should be. Plus you can’t argue with the results. 

Wednesday I was up and on the road again. This was my first run after the disastrous 10 miles this weekend. I was a little timid about getting out there again, but I knew I had to just do it.

Up the hill I went. I started out a bit faster than I usually do, which was probably a mistake. I began to have a little trouble with my breathing. I had a slight pain in my shoulder blade. I have been working on my posture and form during my runs. I tend to scrunch my shoulders toward my ears. This is not good because by the time I get to mile 5 or 6 my shoulders are exhausted, stiff and in pain. Shoulder pain is not something I need in the midst of a run.

Coincidentally, during my yoga class on Thursday, the instructor focused on teaching us proper posture in poses. This dealt with a  lot of shoulder work, it was an eye opener on a few different poses that I didn’t even realize I wasn’t doing 100% correctly.

During this run I concentrated on keeping my shoulders down and away from my ears. Something finally clicked and I had a much easier time with this. However, this also may be the source of pain in my shoulder blade.

Between the pain in my shoulder blade and the difficulty I had with my breathing, I did struggle a bit. However, I still got out there and ran. For that, I am happy.

On this particular run I began to notice the different smells I come across. I run past a shopping center most mornings and am met with a different scent each place gives. One place in particular is continually torturous. A donut shop. I cannot remember the last time I had anything but a small bite of one of J.R.’s donuts. It has been years. Yet I must deal with the wonderful scent of donuts wafting across my path as I run in the morning. It is enough to make my stomach begin protesting in desire.

As it is spring the flowers are blooming and I am met with other scents as I run. One of my favorites are the lilacs that grace the walls of the neighborhoods I run past. The scent is amazing and I enjoy it immensely.

Because my runs are my escape from the real world (and they are often painful), I try to distract myself with my surroundings. I try to notice and be aware of the things around me. It is something I am better able to do than I can when I am in a car or even on my bike. Sometimes we are so focused on our little lives and the situations and tasks we have to deal with that we don’t notice the world around us. This is one reason why I enjoy my runs. In midst of the pain and suffering of a run, I am able to distract myself with the world around me, or at least I try too. Just gotta keep moving. :) 

What do you do to distract yourself and get away from the world?


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