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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pace Yourself

Friday marked another first for me. (I’m going to be having a lot of those the next few weeks. J) it was the first time I’ve done any kind of pacing run. Normally, I will pace myself based on the distance or hills, but never to this extent. I went out for a 3 mile run: 1 mile warm up, 1 mile race pace, 1 mile cool down.

This run I didn’t map and just made up as I went. (Yet another first.) The first mile was my normal hill. I tried to take it as easy as possible. Once my app notified me my first mile was down, I took off. I really pushed myself. A small part of the beginning was uphill, the last portion was downhill. I was very please to see a time of 9:04. I know its downhill and still not all that fast when compared with others. But I was happy with that time.
My speed is something I am just barely beginning to work on. I have also learned not to compare myself with others. I want this to be a competition with myself not everyone else. There are some days I am still in awe that I can run one mile much less more than that.
My last mile was a cool down and having pushed myself so hard I slowed down dramatically. Even having slowed down so much my last mile was 10:35.

All in all I was please with my first experience with pacing. I’ve been a bit lazy lately and haven’t’ really pushed myself too much. It felt good to push myself a bit rather than just sit back and be comfortable. I know I will never improve if I don’t push myself.

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