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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

9 Miles and Sushi

This weekend was an extremely busy weekend for J.R. and I. I made sure I went to bed at a decent time Friday night. I didn’t want to set an alarm, but also didn’t want to sleep in too late. I figured I would get up around 7:30 and be off on my run by 8:00. I don’t know what has happened to me, but I can no longer sleep in. I ended up waking up at 6:30 and was off on my run by 7:30. At least I was able to start the day earlier than expected.

I was off on my 9 miles. I always try to take it easy on the first half because it is all uphill. When I first began my training I was hoping to complete my half with an average pace of 10 or 10:30 per mile. I am quickly discovering this will probably not be the case. As I get into my long runs my average pace has been much slower.

Last week my 8 mile pace was 11:58. This week my pace was 11:45. Having gone an extra mile, I was happy I am at least improving. I will just have to see how things go come race day.

Friday was the last day of my sugar detox, so I was back to my regular fuel. I am still testing when I should be fueling to make my body happy. I also did a little research about my GI issues. I read taking an anti-diarrhea pill before a run would help. It sounded logical so I tried it out on this run.

Miles 1-3 were all uphill. It was a struggle but I managed to get through it without stopping or walking. Once I came to mile 4 I took a short break. I popped one chew in my mouth but I like to just keep it there while I run.
Mile 4 came and went and I didn’t have any stomach issues. Progress! Mile 5 came and I started feeling heaviness in my stomach but I didn’t feel the need to run to the nearest bathroom. Since I hadn’t eaten anything and only had water, I figure it is just my stomach. I am very thankful the medicine seemed to help. Mile 5 also brought on a sharp pain on top of my right foot, at my arch. I stopped and walked for a bit to see if the pain would go away. The pain did subside, however, around mile 7 it was back again.

It seems I do fine up to mile 6 then I seem to hit a wall. I just get tired and want to be done. At mile 7 I ate a sickeningly sweet gel. After having no sugar for a week, having that much at once was overwhelming. I was hoping this would help with my tiredness and keep me going to the end. I’m not sure how much it actually helped.

While I was on my run, J.R. went for a ride. He passed by me twice. It was nice to see him out and get a little boost on my run. By mile 8 and 9 I was done. I wanted to be home and for the whole thing to be over. I pushed myself through and did 9 miles in 1:46:23. Just 3 more miles to add to the mix.

Once I arrived home J.R. and I began the task of cleaning the garage. This is never fun, but it was definitely necessary. We were able to get through half of it before having to stop and get ready. We were also able to take in a car load to donate.

Saturday evening J.R. and I went with friends to have sushi. I'm finding I am getting more an more adventurous in the food I am willing to try. I don't enjoy it all and I'm not willing to try just anything. However, I have surprised myself at some of the things I have enjoyed. After dinner we went on a boat cruise in Newport. We had a really great and relaxing time. It was good to get out with some friends.
Sunday we were up and off to church. After, we ended up having lunch with those same friends and their 3 kids. It was a really nice time. J.R. and I are happy we have rediscovered some old friendships lately.

J.R. and I got home and decided to take a short nap before cleaning the house. That short nap ended up being 3 hours long. Whoops. I guess we were tired.

After rousing from that deep sleep, we made ourselves busy moving furniture and cleaning the house. J.R.’s mom gave us her old office furniture, but we have yet to set everything up because we wanted to have the carpets cleaned first. I am beyond excited to have everything set up and organized. It’s been so long since we’ve had an office I’ve been willing to set foot in. It has been a disaster for the last year or more.

I've noticed something recently in the blogs I read. They tend to ask questions at the end of each post. I really like this idea because it engages the reader. I don't always comment but it always makes me want to. I'm just lazy sometimes or don't feel I have something significant to add. While I know few people actually read about my boring life and boring training. I figured I liked the idea so much I would add it myself. :)

Have you tried sushi? Is is something you enjoy or would try?

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