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Monday, April 8, 2013

8 Miles and Purple Shoes

Sunday morning I woke up early, put my new running shoes on and went for my long run, 8 miles this week. The course I took today took me to some places I had yet to run, though I have biked the same course, just backwards.

Over the past two weeks, I had been having a good amount of pain in my ankle that would shoot up through my calf, as well as, some shin splints. It took me these two weeks to finally figure out that when I wore my older shoes I didn’t have as much pain. This fact dawned on me when I realized I had pain again when I wore my “newer” shoes. I say “newer” because I have had these shoes about 9 months now. They have over 100 miles on them. They are no longer new, just newer than the others.

It was definitely time for new shoes. Saturday J.R. and I set off to the running store to buy new shoes. I really love going to this running store because they are always very friendly and helpful. I always feel like I’m getting the right shoe.

I tried on a couple of pairs and decided to go with the Nike’s. They just seemed to hold my foot better and are much lighter than the shoes I have been using. My first problem was they didn’t have the color I wanted. I would have been fine with the other, however if there was a chance I could get my shoes in purple I was going to take it. I asked if I could order the purple and was told I could.

My second problem came when we went to order. Apparently, they wouldn’t allow associates to order these particular shoes for customers. They didn’t even have the shoes on their website. I was given the information to order them on my own. We were then on our way home without my new running shoes.

On the way home I had the idea that they might have the shoes I wanted at the Nike Outlet. I figured it was a long shot but I may as well try. J.R. and I looked up and down the aisles unable to find the specific shoe I was looking for. I came across an associate that asked I needed help. He informed me they didn’t have the shoe I was looking for. Bummer. I was shocked when he began asking me questions about my arch to find a suitable alternative. I informed him I over pronate and from there we were off. He recommended a couple of others shoes that would work.

I was shocked to get such informative service, not to mention so much better service than I received at the running store. The running store wasn’t bad; it was this guy was so much better. J.R. later discovered the running store had passed on hiring him because he might be too loyal to Nike, their loss.

I was beyond pleased to be going home with my new PURPLE running shoes. It definitely made getting out Sunday easier. I also picked up some KT Tape in hopes that between the two my pain would be reduced.
Pretty Purple Shoes :)
Another tricky aspect of this particular run was the fact that I began a sugar detox, meaning no sugar, artificial or not for 7 days. Refueling would take some creativity. I settled on bringing some nuts along. However, I ended up not having too many. Eating nuts while running and out of breath is not so easy.
Mile 4 my stomach began to turn on me, like clockwork. I don’t know what the deal is, especially considering I was running on empty this time. At least I can rule out error on fueling on the run. I always end up with an upset stomach the rest of the day on my long runs. That is definitely something I’m going to need to address soon. Now at least I can rule out the fuel I’m using.

Most of the run I took things pretty easy. I was getting used to my new shoes. I also didn’t want to hurt my ankle/leg any more than it was. The majority of the run was actually fairly easy. My legs didn’t feel too heavy, especially as I approached the end. My new shoes are considerably lighter than my old ones. I am loving that. I didn’t feel much fatigue until the last 2 miles.

As I finished I was so proud of my progress and finishing feeling so well. I was exhausted but I felt good. I was a bit disappointed with my time of 1 hour 40 minutes. That is an average pace of 11:58. Yikes! That’s slow. Again the site I used to map my course was incorrect. I ended up doing 8.4 miles. I wasn’t displeased as I would much rather be doing more than not enough.

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