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Monday, April 1, 2013

7 Miles

April started off with something I have never done. A 7 mile run. I was fairly nervous about this run. I wasn’t sure if I could handle this distance. I made sure I was prepared. I brought my water and chews and a gel pack along. That was another first in itself. I have never brought water or fuel along a run, never had the need. Seeing as during the 10K of my tri last year, I had some difficulty. I wanted to be prepared.

Planning a route for these longer runs is getting more and more difficult as they get longer and longer. The problems is if I want to run on paths that are better kept and have actual sidewalks, not to mention have better views, I must go uphill. I know this training is good for me and will help my endurance. I know it is nice to have the hill on the first portion and be able to go downhill on the last half. However, sometimes getting up that hill can be daunting.

So up the hill I went. Around mile 4 my stomach began to rebel on me. I had eaten a chew around mile 3. I think my body really doesn’t like running on anything but an empty stomach. This makes fueling for a longer run not so much fun. I managed to get through the uncomfortableness, thankfully. I ended up walking for a short period 3 times. While I would like to be able to run the whole thing, I also want to be good to my body.

I ended up doing 7.4 miles. The program I used to map the course was a bit off. But I am glad I was able to complete that distance. Next week 8 miles.

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