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Sweet Redemption

Surprises: The Good and the Bad

Scents of Sugar and Spring

10 Miserable Miles

This weekend I began to seriously question the future of my running. I set out for my first double digit run, very uncertain and dreading the whole experience. However, I set out anyway, knowing I would feel better once I got into the run. Only I didn’t.
I am typically able to get up my usual hill without having to take a walking break. This time I was barely able to get through 2 miles before I had to stop and walk. I would begin running only to have to stop shortly after. I was exhausted and simply did not have the energy to run. My lack of sleep caught up to me. I’m sure getting to bed at 12 the night before didn’t help matters either. 
I decided I would allow myself to walk uphill, however, I would run the descents. I was taking a path I hadn’t previously. I mapped it out, however one of the roads I hadn’t been up ended up being a dead end. Thank God for maps on my phone. I was able to find my way through the neighborhood and was soon back on track. Only I wasn’t really. Every ti…

Lack of Sleep and 4 Miles

9 Miles and Sushi