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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bad Side

My run this morning was anything but easy. It was a great example of why running should be hated. To start, I simply didn’t want to get out of bed. This time change has really gotten to me. I’ve been exhausted all week.
I headed out the door, with my new headphones this time. I have a love/hate relationship with running in the dark. I hate getting up and out of bed when the sun hasn’t done the same. However, I love the quiet solitude of running when it is still dark. Few people are out at the time and it is just relaxing.
Today’s run, however, was not relaxing. The second I began running up that same nasty hill, my right calf, ankle and shin began to hurt. The pain was just enough to be annoying. I may have developed a small case of shin splints. Not fun.
I only did 3 miles this morning, but every inch of it was a struggle. I even had to stop and walk a bit. My legs weren’t cooperating. My lungs weren’t cooperating. I was a mess.
I knew my time would be quite a bit more than Monday’s. Once I was actually able to see my time, I discovered I was right. Yep, even my Strava wasn’t cooperating with me. This run refuses to upload for some unknown reason. Maybe it knows what a terrible run it was and isn’t working in protest?
Thankfully, my data wasn’t lost and I was finally able to see it online, just not on my phone. Go figure. My time today? 32.17. Almost a full 2 minutes longer than Monday. Ouch!
Oh well. I’ll just have to chalk this one up to a bad run. The plus side is despite having a bad run, the residual good feelings from a run are still there. That’s why even a bad run makes a good day. Friday I step it up a bit with 4 miles.

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