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Partial Year in Review

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted. That tends to happen when you don’t write for 8 months. :S So a quick recap, then hopefully I can be a little more disciplined to post more often.

- July I went on my first trip off the mainland. When I began losing weight I told J.R. he had to take me somewhere tropical when I reached my goal. This was my reward after all that hard work. We went to St. Lucia (an island in the Caribbean) for a week. It was absolutely amazing. As, we hadn’t been on a real vacation since our honeymoon almost 8 years ago (then) it was definitely needed.

- August began a two month stretch of crazy busyness for J.R. and I. we were only home 2 or 3 weekends for those 8 weeks. We had 5 different events during this time. The first was Tour de Big Bear. Because of the altitude we only did the 25 mile ride. It was a good and beautiful ride.

The next weekend we were in Ventura for the Cool Breeze Century. This was a tough ride. My longest ride up to this point was “only” 68 miles and this ride was 102. So it was quite a jump for me. There were a few good climbs, one lasting for 3 miles. By the last 10 miles I was done and wanted it to be over.

Our third and final ride for August was the week of my birthday. This was Bike the Bay in San Diego. This was a nice easy ride. This is the one time a year they shut down part of the Coronado Bridge and you get to ride your bike across. The only problem with this ride is it is for all levels. That is great, however, for those a little more experienced and faster, it made it difficult to get into a flow of the ride. Overall it was a beautiful ride.

- September was a big month for me, as I completed my first Olympic length triathlon. I actually wrote a detailed post about this experience and never posted it so I will be posting that later. Later in September, J.R. and I competed in a reverse sprint triathlon. It was fun and I enjoyed the ride, but I won’t necessarily do that particular race again.

Scared out of my mind


- October we actually got a bit of rest and didn’t have any events. Shocking!

- November was another crazy busy month. I had a couple events plus a work conference in Seattle to attend. The first event was Bike the Coast in San Diego (we like doing events in San Diego :) ). We were fortunate to have a couple of friends join us on this ride. It’s always more enjoyable when we have more people to ride with along the way. This ride was a little over 50 miles. It was a nice ride and our last cycling event of the year.

The next week I had my last event of the year. This event was extra special for a couple of reasons. First, this was my first event ever last year. Secondly, my mom came out to do this event with me. This event is called Iron Girl (again in the San Diego area) and is for women only. Last year I saw they had mother/daughter teams. I mentioned this to my mom last year and she decided she would attempt to this year with me. It was really great to share this with my mom. It was a lot of fun sharing this with my mom, encouraging and coaching her along the way. I was so proud of her and what she has accomplished. Currently she has lost over 50 pounds, go mom! She plans on running the entire event this coming year. Incredible!

Yep our shirts say Beeloved, a combination of the meaning of our names. Her's means "bee," mine means "beloved."

Aside from our trips to San Diego and my parents visit, I had a conference in Seattle. It was the first time I had been there and I was excited to explore. J.R. was excited to show me around and let me see where he lived and the hospital he was treated in.

- December was busy, as usual, but we didn’t’ have any events and were only able to squeeze in one very cold ride. Then we were off to Texas to spend Christmas and New Years with my parents. Quite a busy year with a lot of firsts for me. It will be interesting to see what this “new” year will bring. We are cutting back on the number of events to save a bit of money. But I’m still trying to continue to push myself and see what all I can accomplish. The things I’ve already been doing continue to blow my mind.


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