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4 Miles

This morning was my 4 miles run. It started out a bit like my run on Wednesday with a slight pain in my right calf. I’ve been trying to stretch out my calf the past few days, that seemed to help a bit. The pain was gone as I got going a bit.Though I do think I have a slight case of shin splints, as my shins have been tender today.

This morning I forced myself even farther up the nasty hill. It truly was not fun. A few short months ago I was able to get up this hill without a problem. I am currently fighting my way back into shape and to lose the extra 10+ pounds I have seemed to found. It’s a work in progress.

I am really pushing the hill work, so I can be ready for next weekend. I am doing the Hot Chocolate 5K in San Diego. It should be a lot of fun. However, there are some decent hills along the route and I am trying to be prepared as possible. At this moment, I don’t feel prepared in the least.

I did have to stop and walk twice this morning. I know that is acceptable and understandable. However, this is very frustrating for this Type A. I just have to make sure I listen to my body so I can avoid any injuries.

Along those lines I have to start teaching myself how to fuel and hydrate properly. I know that is why I hit the wall during my Olympic tri. I would like to avoid a repeat. Off to the internets I go to find some answers.

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Finally, as of this morning it is official. I really am doing this.


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