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My Husband Rocks! ~ Hockey

If you have even the slightest interest in the hockey world, you know what an incredibly important week this past week has been. If you are blissfully unaware, this past week was the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's kinda a big deal in the hockey world. 

When J.R. and I first started dating I had zero interest in hockey. I didn't understand the sport, thought it was difficult to watch on tv and preferred my football. Then J.R. came along. J.R. is a huge hockey fan. In fact, as a teenager his Make a Wish was season tickets to the Kings. He bought me a book called The Girlfriend's Guide to Hockey. I found the book enjoyable and interesting. I soon became a hockey fan, cheering on the Kings. 

The Kings have a tumultuous history. They have made it to the Stanley Cup finals only once previous to this season. In fact, it came down to the wire this year on whether they would make it to the playoffs at all. No one expected much from them in the playoffs this season. Most were happy they had simply made it to the playoffs. But then they kept winning and winning and winning. It was incredible. For long time Kings fan, it was exciting. But we all held our breath because we've too often known the misery of defeat. 

Then they made it to the finals. During one of the games I put my heart rate monitor on J.R. His heart rate soared over 90 beats a minute. They won games 1-3. Kings fans still were timid to believe they might actually win the whole thing. However, Monday night they did just that. After 45 years the Kings finally won the cup. J.R. couldn't have been happier. Our house was definitely a happy house that night.

Now why does my husband rock this week? He rocks because even though this series meant so much to him, he waited every night till I got home to watch the game with me. That's right, instead of watching the game live, he would wait for me to get home every night before he would start the game. That is why my husband rocks! And now he can get rid of that terrible beard. :)


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