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My Husband Rocks! ~ GPA

This post was meant for last week. However, work has been crazy with school speeding ever faster towards an end. One evening at work I overheard a discussion regarding our planning guides. These are little pieces of paper that we mark off which courses a student has completed. This allows us to see where they stand and which classes they still need to complete.

Through the course of this discussion, I mentioned I was thinking of creating a spreadsheet with all the same information that automatically totaled the number of credits a student had, as well as, showing what GPA a student earned. My principal was thrilled. I told him it would take me some time as I had other tasks to complete before I started this project but I would get on it asap.

A few days later I decided to try my hand at figuring out the formulas to calculate the GPA. I got stuck. I couldn't figure out exactly how to go about this. I then let J.R. know of my dilemma. Not only did he help me out with a formula, he took over the whole project, completed it and sent it back to me done. I now have a wonderful spreadsheet that calculates how many credits my students have, how many they need to graduate, their GPA and as an added bonus (I didn't ask for this feature) J.R. put in a formula that tells you what grade the student would be in based on credits. Genius!

So this week (or rather last week) my husband rocks for helping me out with this project. He rocks for taking time out of his own work to help me with this and make my job so much easier.


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