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I Like Being Dirty

The first weekend in June I took on yet another first, a mud run. I have been hearing about these runs for a while now and was always intrigued. The particular mud run I did had its inaugural race last year. I barely missed attempting it then. I contemplated it and even talked to some friends about doing it. In the end, I procrastinated and missed the race. This year I was definitely not going to miss this opportunity.

I was a bit nervous about some of the obstacles involved, especially the monkey bars. I couldn’t remember the last time I attempted monkey bars. Maybe never. But I decided I would just get out there and do the best I could and have fun with it.

A friend I work with decided to join me in this race. J.R. opted to sit out this year, though I think he may join us next year.

The first obstacle we were met with was a mud pit followed by a climb up a dirt hill. This wasn’t too bad but just something to get nice and wet and muddy. There were hurdles, a net to crawl under (that my hair got caught in), logs to go over and under in a mud pit, a hay bale pyramid, a cargo net climb, a wall climb, tires  tunnels through mud and of course the dreaded monkey bars, as well as a huge mud pit and mountain of dirt to finish things off.

I managed to get half way through the monkey bars, shocking myself. However, it was taking too much time and effort so I ended up dropping. Halfway through the first set of tires my toe got caught inside one and I took a fall. Thankfully, there were tires to break my fall.

I didn’t do too bad. The final mud hill caused me some issues as my feet kept sinking into the mud. As soon as I would get one foot out the other was stuck. I went nowhere there for a bit. I soon climbed out of that mess and finished. My time was 41.31, not too bad. I was aiming for anything under 45 as I wasn’t sure how long the course actually was and didn’t know how much the obstacles would slow me down. I was glad I decided to go in the first wave as the obstacles were far less muddy and easier to get through.

All in all this was a lot of fun. As usual halfway through the thoughts screaming in my head were, “why on earth do you keep doing this to yourself?” Then I finish and realize how good I feel and remember, “oh yeah that’s why.” I can’t wait to do it again next year and am hoping to put a team together this time around.
Next up? Tour de Big Bear. I’m taking July off from any events, as J.R. and I are going on vacation for the first time in almost 8 years. (More on that later.) Beginning of August starts a couple of months of madness as far as events. But I’m looking forward to it. Just gotta keep moving.


  1. "oh yeah, that's why." love it. I think alot of things in life are like that too. In the midst we think, why? And when we're done we remember. Great post Amy :) Maybe I'll join you next mud-run on your team...

  2. Thanks Angie! That would be great if you could join me next year. :)


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