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I Like Being Dirty

The first weekend in June I took on yet another first, a mud run. I have been hearing about these runs for a while now and was always intrigued. The particular mud run I did had its inaugural race last year. I barely missed attempting it then. I contemplated it and even talked to some friends about doing it. In the end, I procrastinated and missed the race. This year I was definitely not going to miss this opportunity.

I was a bit nervous about some of the obstacles involved, especially the monkey bars. I couldn’t remember the last time I attempted monkey bars. Maybe never. But I decided I would just get out there and do the best I could and have fun with it.
A friend I work with decided to join me in this race. J.R. opted to sit out this year, though I think he may join us next year.

The first obstacle we were met with was a mud pit followed by a climb up a dirt hill. This wasn’t too bad but just something to get nice and wet and muddy. There were hurdles, a net to crawl under (that …

My Husband Rocks! ~ Hockey

If you have even the slightest interest in the hockey world, you know what an incredibly important week this past week has been. If you are blissfully unaware, this past week was the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's kinda a big deal in the hockey world. 
When J.R. and I first started dating I had zero interest in hockey. I didn't understand the sport, thought it was difficult to watch on tv and preferred my football. Then J.R. came along. J.R. is a huge hockey fan. In fact, as a teenager his Make a Wish was season tickets to the Kings. He bought me a book called The Girlfriend's Guide to Hockey. I found the book enjoyable and interesting. I soon became a hockey fan, cheering on the Kings. 
The Kings have a tumultuous history. They have made it to the Stanley Cup finals only once previous to this season. In fact, it came down to the wire this year on whether they would make it to the playoffs at all. No one expected much from them in the playoffs this season. Most were happy the…

Olympic Hopes

Almost 3 weeks ago I began the process of training for an Olympic length triathlon. The next 12 weeks I will be living in the gym, just the way I like it. I am a bit nervous about this event. However, I am doing everything I can in order to prepare myself.
I found a schedule I like and with some tweaking have got it all set. I got through the first 2 weeks only missing two workouts. Not great, but not too terrible as one of those was due to a migraine. I did find my runs have been far from easy. They have been downright difficult, forcing me to even take walking breaks. This has not been at all encouraging as the run is the one event I am the most nervous about. I have added an extra day of running to the schedule. I hope this will help me be better prepared.
The swims, on the other hand, have been far easier than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Now my goal is to get my swim time down as I can complete the distance without a problem. This frees me to concentrate on t…

May Lessons Learned

May was an enormously busy month for J.R. and I. It has been a good month; however I cannot say I am sad to see it go. Hopefully our lives will begin to slow down a bit

The Weekend of Cinco de Mayo, J.R. and I did a ride for PCRF (Pediatric Children's Research Foundation). This is an organization near and dear to J.R. as he was involved with it when he was in the hospital being treated for leukemia. This was my first cycling event which is rather fitting as it was J.R.'s first cycling event last year.
This was a good 35 miles ride with 3 category 5 climbs. This was actually the same ride we did in March, simply backwards. I found it to be much easier this time around. I then realized that I hadn't had my clips the last time. It is absolutely amazing the difference these make.
The next weekend was J.R.'s birthday weekend. Usually, we get all our friends and family together and go to a minor league baseball game. This year J.R. decided he wanted to do something a little dif…

My Husband Rocks! ~ GPA

This post was meant for last week. However, work has been crazy with school speeding ever faster towards an end. One evening at work I overheard a discussion regarding our planning guides. These are little pieces of paper that we mark off which courses a student has completed. This allows us to see where they stand and which classes they still need to complete.

Through the course of this discussion, I mentioned I was thinking of creating a spreadsheet with all the same information that automatically totaled the number of credits a student had, as well as, showing what GPA a student earned. My principal was thrilled. I told him it would take me some time as I had other tasks to complete before I started this project but I would get on it asap.

A few days later I decided to try my hand at figuring out the formulas to calculate the GPA. I got stuck. I couldn't figure out exactly how to go about this. I then let J.R. know of my dilemma. Not only did he help me out with a formula, he …