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My Husband Rocks! ~ Cycling

Most men are fairly competitive. J.R. is no exception. Thankfully, he doesn't get super crazy about it. He is secure enough in himself to not feel the need to prove himself at every turn like some men. However, being athletically inclined is a point of pride for him. 

For years, he has been encouraging me to be physically active. He was continually looking for activities for the two of us to do in order to spend quality time together. He was more excited than I was when we first purchased my bike. He finally found something active the two of us could do. (And I was fit enough to do it with him.) 

A few weeks ago, we set off on our bikes with a few friends for a ride. This was no ordinary ride. This was a tough ride. Up to this point our rides consisted of trails. This means very few hills and very small hills. The biggest obstacle we might come across would be a headwind. No such luck in this ride. This ride contained 3 cat 5 climbs. Somewhere going up the second hill, I thought to myself, "Wow he's been holding out on me. This is tough!" But I pedaled through and really enjoyed the challenge. 

We were with a couple of fairly experienced riders on this trip. I was happy I was able to keep up with them fairly well. I was proud of my efforts for the day.

That next Monday, J.R. was at work, one of the guys we ride with came up to him with a stern look on his face. J.R. said he looked upset. He then told J.R., "You're in trouble." J.R. wasn't certain what he was referring to and thought it might be something work related. He then told J.R., "She is going to kick your ass when she gets clips." J.R. laughed and said, "Yeah I know."

The fact is our friend is right. I have become quite the athlete. I surpass J.R. at many physical activities. I know this can be an affront to his manhood. I do my best not to rub it in his face. I take a humble approach with this topic.  J.R. told me not too long ago, he hated to admit it but I was a better cyclist than he is. I sloughed it off and told him I am just built for cycling. (I have always had muscular legs, perfect for getting up those hills.)

This week My Husband Rocks because he is not threatened by my newly found athleticism. He continues to support me (and I in return support him in his efforts). He rocks for having confidence and self-assurance, even when his wife may best him at physical activities. :)


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