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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Over the past few weeks, I have made a number of life altering decisions. I honestly did not even realize how many until I wrote that sentence and began to count each off. It seems my life is in the midst of great transition. That’s exciting and a bit daunting.

First off, I have decided to go back to school. I have discussed it for years, but never followed through. It’s now or never. 

Either this summer or fall I will begin a master’s program in English with an emphasis in literature. I am extremely nervous about returning to school. I know I will do fine. However, the amount of work seems daunting and I am overwhelmed at the mere thought of it. But this has always been a goal of mine and I couldn’t think of a good reason to wait any longer. I know I will regret not doing it, so back to school I go.

Another big change? For months J.R. and I have felt as though something was missing at our church. It is an amazing church. However, we just didn’t feel connected. We didn’t seem to fit. When we heard some friends were beginning a new church, we decided to check it out. We immediately knew this was where we were supposed to be. The message was almost exactly what God has been speaking to me for months.

Starting a new church is never an easy task, but we are excited to join our friends in this new undertaking. We are eager to see what God has in store for this church and how he intends to use us in the development of this new venture.

Finally, I have decided to embark on my next physical feat. Yes, I have events planned every month this year. However, this particular event is going to test me more than any other. No, I am not referring to the 60 mile ride I have next month or the century ride (100 miles) or ride through Big Bear planned in August. Nor is it the mud run I am doing in June. No, from the encouragement (read pushing) of J.R.’s coworker, I have decided to do an Olympic length triathlon.

This scares me, a lot. But I love a good challenge and I know I can do it. I have less than 5 months to prepare, more than enough time. This particular race is just short of a mile swim (1500 meters), 24 mile bike and 5.5 mile run. I am not at all concerned with the bike. (It seems I am a natural cyclist. Who knew?) I, however, need to work up my miles on the swim and run.

J.R.’s coworker attempted to motivate me, telling me he would do a half ironman with me if I did this race. I simply looked at him as if he was insane. I had to think long and hard about doing an Olympic length. However, the more I think about it the more I’d like to attempt it. I will definitely need to get a half marathon under my belt before I seriously consider a half ironman. One step at a time, for now TriRock here I come.

So there are lots of changes and challenges facing me these next few months. I am excited and nervous about all of them. I’m exhausted just thinking about all of them. But I know I can handle it, just one step at a time. After all, I love a good challenge. Juggling all these tasks will definitely be a challenge. All challenges I look forward to. 

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  1. Great post. It's so much 'easier' to sit back and not attempt the difficult, the new, the daunting...but here you are showing us all how it's done! Hat's off to you. So glad to share some of the change with you, too!


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