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My Husband Rocks! ~ Triathlon

This week my husband rocks because of his commitment. Months ago I made a silly statement. I said I wanted to do a triathlon. At the time, it was a silly statement because I didn't even have a bike. 
J.R. and I came across a particular triathlon and I talked about doing it for some time. I wavered on whether or not to do this triathlon. I was scared. However, J.R. pushed me the whole way. He kept supporting me in every way possible assuring that I would in fact accomplish this crazy idea. 
At one point, we were in a store and we found an amazing deal on a great swimsuit for me. I wavered on whether or not to actually buy the suit. J.R. asked me why I wouldn’t get it, it was a great deal. I then told him that if I did buy the suit it meant that I really was going to be doing this triathlon. He turned to me and said, "well, then you're definitely getting it." 
Not only did he support me so well during this whole process, but he agreed to do it with me. He was there wi…

Exploring Options

Now that my triathlon is over, I feel a little lost. I no longer have a training schedule to tell me what to do every day. A week or two before the tri I saw this inevitable problem staring me in the face. I looked for a few different solutions. I wasn’t able to find anything I liked. The day of the race reality struck me. This wasn’t a problem. No, this was a freeing situation. I was now free to explore all the different classes I wanted to try but was unable to as I didn’t have the time.
This week has been my week of exploration. It has been so nice and an eye opener for me. For months, I have wanted to try Zumba. Tuesday night I did just that. It was a lot of fun. It wasn’t much of a workout for me, which was a little disappointing. I’m not giving up on it just yet. It may just be that because I’m not as familiar with the moves that I didn’t put as much effort.
The thing that astonished me was the fact that I even attempted this class, by myself. The old Amy never would have done …