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WFW - Psalm 38:21

Have you ever been in a position of uncomfortableness with a close loved one? I'm sure we all have at one point or another. It's usually brought on by a big argument or a small disagreement or even simply a neglect of the relationship. The fact is a distance has been created. It can be an awkward position and restoring that closeness can be difficult, especially if a trust has been broken. At times it can be difficult to know even how to begin repairing the relationship.

I am at that point with God. It seems just a few months ago I was hearing so clearly from Him. He was beginning to show me with such clarity what He has planned for me, even if it was only a brief glimpse. Then my focus shifted and life began to move quickly. Now that closeness and clarity has been lost. God hasn't moved. No, the blame falls solely on my shoulders. However, this distance has been created and its up to me tot get back that place again. I know He is waiting patiently for me. I know He will meet me where I am. But that act of humbling oneself can be difficult. My head knows that He is always there to pick me up when I fall. However, my heart wonders when He will tire of my continued failures. So I cry to God to be patient with me.


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