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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaching Again

As usual it has been some time since I last posted. I feel as though I've been in a whirlwind for the past few months as so much has happened. There are only two reasons I am not completely abandoning this blog. The first is I love writing too much to simply let it go. While my posts tend to be sporadic, I still need this outlet for my writing. The second is my mother. She occasionally visits my little blog and if I haven't written anything new in some time I will get a disappointed call from her. While she knows all the goings on in my life, she still enjoys reading about them. Why I'm not entirely certain.

OK since its been such a long time I'm going to knock out each area of my life one at a time. First up, my job. Last I wrote I was working as a receptionist/cashier at a car dealership. A thrilling job for someone with their master's in education. However, it was full time and more job than I had had in a few years so I didn't complain . . . much. Mid-July I was pulled into the GM's office and told they were moving me to sales. I stared in disbelief. I am not nor do I ever want to be any kind of salesman, much less a car salesman. I was then told I would simply be handling customer service and not actually be selling any cars. With a relieved sigh I said OK. The next day I was off and running in my new position. While it really wasn't my dream job, I finally felt like I had a grown up job again. That felt really nice. 

I was working very closely with another girl and she and I quickly became good friends. She began to push me to look for a teaching job again. One day after a long talk, I went back to my desk and began searching and applying for teaching jobs. As glad as I was to get out of the receptionist position, this still wasn't a place I wanted to work long term. I had already been there almost 10 months and when I first started I promised myself I wouldn't be there a year. Then the completely unexpected happened, I received a call from a school I applied to just days before. They set up an interview for the next day. I tried to contain my excitement. However, it was difficult as I hadn't even had an interview for a teaching job in 2 years. 

As I drove to the interview I was nervous and attempting to keep my excitement in check. I didn't want to get my hopes up. I met with the principal and the director. I was stunned at how much it felt more of an interview for them than me, as they tried to sell me on their school. I was even more amazed when they told me they had difficulty finding social studies teachers. Yeah, social studies jobs are typically the hardest to find because there are so many of us. Then you just about had to pick me off the floor when they offered me the job on the spot. They then asked if the salary (which was double what I was currently making would be OK. Um yes!?!?!

To my even greater excitement, they told me they needed me to start as soon as possible. (Yeah that turned out to be not so true and caused some issues for us financially but that's all over and done with.) I drove back to the car dealership that day and cried as I called J.R. about my news. It has been 3 years since I have been a teacher. It felt as though this heavy burden lifted off of me that day. I could finally do what I was created to do. I finished out the week at the dealership having been in the sales department only 2 weeks. A month later, I started my teaching job. I have now been here 3 months and am loving it. As in every job, there are struggles and frustrations but very few of those are with the students I have.

The school I am at is a charter school. I am basically doing independent study. I have 30+ students that come in for 1 hour on Monday's and Wednesday's. I oversee their entire education; math, science, English, and history. If I come across something I'm not able to help them with there are credentialed teachers in every subject matter that are able to help them. This program helps kids who either want to get ahead or need to make up credits. Because I'm working in the ghetto (no joke or exaggeration) most fall into the later category. However, despite being in such a rough area the kids are well behaved and we don't have a lot of discipline issues. The fact they are only here for 2 hours a week helps that quite a bit. Not to mention the close relationships we create with our students. 

I am feeling much more fulfilled as of late and am really enjoying being able to work one on one with each of my kids. The rest is a struggle at times.  However, I'm teaching again and earning a decent paycheck at the same time so I can deal with the rest. 

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