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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Adventures

This weekend marked one of my biggest accomplishments to date. For the past two years I have been on a journey to become a healthier me. I had no idea what a transformation I would endure. This is the girl I was.

She was obese, depressed and quite frankly wouldn’t have been too upset if her life had ended, except for the pain it would have caused her loved ones. In a word, she was miserable and felt as though her life was spinning out of control.
In a last feeble attempt to control something in her life, she decided to get serious about becoming healthy. For a year and a half, she simply changed the way she ate. She tracked everything she ate and slowly but surely she began to lose weight. In that time, she lost a little over 50 pounds. This was the beginning of her physical transformation.
Her complete transformation didn’t begin until February of this year. She decided to begin a fitness plan that would further the weight loss. Little did she know when she first picked up that kettlebell, this would be the beginning of her mental transformation. She was never athletic as an adult and avoided physical activity at all costs. Exercise, especially running was a four letter word.
The past 9 months have brought about a radical transformation. One she would have never dreamed. The fat girl inside has been beaten into submission by this new active and health conscious girl. This new girl works out at least 5 days a week, 4 of those both before and after work.
I am still getting to know this new girl. I don’t recognize the thoughts in my own head half the time. I sit and wonder who is this person thinking, saying and doing these things. It’s a bit unreal and unnerving. That obese, depressed girl no longer exists. She received the death she longed for. She has been replaced by a healthier girl, a girl full of energy and life. This girl is no longer held back by the number on the scale. This new girl loves being active and is willing to try just about anything once. A weight literally and figuratively has been lifted. I finally feel as though the real me is shining through. She just couldn’t be seen through all those layers of fat.
I am loving this new me. My big accomplishment this weekend? I ran a 5K. That bears repeating. I RAN a 5K! I didn’t walk. I ran the whole thing. I have never run so far in my entire life. I won’t say it wasn’t difficult. There were a few points I wanted to just walk. But I pushed through and am so glad I did. As I crossed the finish line tears began to well up as I realized how far I have come. It really is incredible. (BTW I finished in 32.05, not exactly my goal but I’ll take it. 29th of 156 in my age division and 213 of 942 overall. Not bad for my first.)

This is just the beginning. I have 7 different events lined up for the next year, including 2 triathlons and a century ride. My next adventure? Getting my new bike this weekend. Let the adventures begin!

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