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WFW - Psalm 38:21

Have you ever been in a position of uncomfortableness with a close loved one? I'm sure we all have at one point or another. It's usually brought on by a big argument or a small disagreement or even simply a neglect of the relationship. The fact is a distance has been created. It can be an awkward position and restoring that closeness can be difficult, especially if a trust has been broken. At times it can be difficult to know even how to begin repairing the relationship.
I am at that point with God. It seems just a few months ago I was hearing so clearly from Him. He was beginning to show me with such clarity what He has planned for me, even if it was only a brief glimpse. Then my focus shifted and life began to move quickly. Now that closeness and clarity has been lost. God hasn't moved. No, the blame falls solely on my shoulders. However, this distance has been created and its up to me tot get back that place again. I know He is waiting patiently for me. I know He will …

Crash Course in Cycling

This weekend my adventures in activity continued with the purchase of my very own Trek Lexa SLX. Isn’t it pretty?

I was very excited to get my own bike, as my husband has had his for almost a year. I was also very nervous as I hadn’t ridden a bike in years and have never owned a bike with multiple gears. To say this bike is fast would be an understatement. It’s like having a sports car. It just wants to fly. That’s a bit scary for someone who wants to take it easy until they are more comfortable handling the bike.

Friday, J.R. and I set out on a nice easy trail for my first ride. I was doing pretty well. It was a nice clear path for me to get comfortable with the bike. One thing I noticed was because I have such small hands (I’m talking I can wear children’s gloves small) I had a hard time controlling the brakes with my hands on top. Because of this I tended to ride down in the drops as I felt more comfortable braking. However, this is a terrible position to ride for any length of ti…

New Adventures

This weekend marked one of my biggest accomplishments to date. For the past two years I have been on a journey to become a healthier me. I had no idea what a transformation I would endure. This is the girl I was.

She was obese, depressed and quite frankly wouldn’t have been too upset if her life had ended, except for the pain it would have caused her loved ones. In a word, she was miserable and felt as though her life was spinning out of control. In a last feeble attempt to control something in her life, she decided to get serious about becoming healthy. For a year and a half, she simply changed the way she ate. She tracked everything she ate and slowly but surely she began to lose weight. In that time, she lost a little over 50 pounds. This was the beginning of her physical transformation. Her complete transformation didn’t begin until February of this year. She decided to begin a fitness plan that would further the weight loss. Little did she know when she first picked up that ket…

Teaching Again

As usual it has been some time since I last posted. I feel as though I've been in a whirlwind for the past few months as so much has happened. There are only two reasons I am not completely abandoning this blog. The first is I love writing too much to simply let it go. While my posts tend to be sporadic, I still need this outlet for my writing. The second is my mother. She occasionally visits my little blog and if I haven't written anything new in some time I will get a disappointed call from her. While she knows all the goings on in my life, she still enjoys reading about them. Why I'mnot entirely certain.

OK since its been such a long time I'm going to knock out each area of my life one at a time. First up, my job. Last I wrote I was working as a receptionist/cashier at a car dealership. A thrilling job for someone with their master's in education. However, it was full time and more job than I had had in a few years so I didn't complain . . . much. Mid-July I …