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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Shower

I am one who enjoys my alone time. I find being around people for extended amounts of time exhausting. That became a problem for me as I entered the wonderful world of college and dorm life. It seemed the only place I was able to truly get away many times was in the shower. This became my daily alone time. My time to just be alone and think. Needless to say, I would take long showers just in order to get away from everyone and everything.

While I no longer take extended showers on a daily basis, I still take a long shower from time to time to simply relax and think. My current shower has two small steps on either end, this makes sitting in the shower quite a bit more relaxing. That is, if you can fit your behind on one of these small steps. For the longest time I wasn't. Oh sure, I would try. However, I would find myself too uncomfortable as I attempted to keep myself from sliding off the step and give up resigning myself to simply standing.

Until now. No, now I am happy to say that I have whittled that quite large behind into an only slightly large behind. I am now able to sit comfortably on that step and relax a bit before facing life outside those shower doors. That is a wonderful feeling, especially to know I've done that myself. Yes with support, but really on my own. Now to get that behind down to a medium size behind. :)

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