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Losing Control

When I began this weight loss/getting healthy journey over a year and a half ago, I must admit, I did it for purely selfish reasons. Now you may think, "hey losing weight and becoming healthy are admirable goals," or "of course its a selfish thing but its a good selfish thing to want to be healthy." While these things are true, they were not the primary motivating factor in me setting out on this journey.

No, my primary goal was so I could have control over at least one aspect of my life. At that point, and if I'm honest here still, I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. There was nothing I could do about it. That's a scary thing for a control freak like me. It seemed all my best laid plans simply crumbled and fell to the ground. I felt helpless and was slowly losing my hope.

I know that God caused all these things to occur in my life. I know He was trying to get my attention and show me that he has a plan for me that greatly supersedes any pla…

My Husband Rocks! ~ Money

This week my husband rocks because he takes care of our finances. This is not an wasy task under normal circumstances. However, over the past few years with my job situation being what it has been made this exponentially more difficult and stressful. J.R. is able to take care of things and attempts to shield me from a lot of the stresses he goes through in paying the bills. I appreciate all the hard work he puts into making sure we keep on our feet. And for that he rocks!

The Shower

I am one who enjoys my alone time. I find being around people for extended amounts of time exhausting. That became a problem for me as I entered the wonderful world of college and dorm life. It seemed the only place I was able to truly get away many times was in the shower. This became my daily alone time. My time to just be alone and think. Needless to say, I would take long showers just in order to get away from everyone and everything.

While I no longer take extended showers on a daily basis, I still take a long shower from time to time to simply relax and think. My current shower has two small steps on either end, this makes sitting in the shower quite a bit more relaxing. That is, if you can fit your behind on one of these small steps. For the longest time I wasn't. Oh sure, I would try. However, I would find myself too uncomfortable as I attempted to keep myself from sliding off the step and give up resigning myself to simply standing.

Until now. No, now I am happy to say …

WFW ~ Philippians 4:8

It's been quite some time since I did this. But I've had such a great desire to write lately, just not the discipline to actually sit down and write. So Tuesday night I forced myself to sit and just be quiet for a moment. Life has been so busy and I've been continually on the go. I miss my quiet time with God. So as I sat there trying to clear my mind and thoughts, the following came to me.

How do you expect to hear from God when your mind is so inundated with filth and nonsense. A clean mind is not simply a pure and holy mind, it is a mind that is free of the clutter and waste that is useless. It is this clutter, waste and utter nonsense that the enemy uses to distract you from the things of God. A holy mind is not simply a mind that is free from filth, it is free of the distraction of this world. Whatever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous, or praise worthy. This is the prescription for a clean and holy mind. This is the measure by which our thoug…