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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Husband Rocks! ~ Nursing and Laughter

Since I missed last weeks post today my husband rocks for two different reasons. While I failed to post last week doesn't mean I didn't think of an amazing way that my husband rocks. :)

First this weeks reason. For the past few weeks I've had a nasty cough that seems to come and go at will. It's rather quite annoying but no other symptoms have come about so I haven't been too concerned. None of my coworkers have gotten sick, thankfully, only annoyed with my coughing. The other day my coughing was so bad I woke up with my throat completely raw and sore. This is when I finally decided I should see the doctor about this nasty cough.

In the meantime, I needed some relief. I asked J.R. if he could run to the store and get me some cough syrup. He, of course, obliged. But this is not why he rocks this week. He rocks because not only did he get me some nyquil but dayquil as well, he also brought me a slice of bread with my medicine. He did this because he knows abhore the taste of cough syrup and would need a chaser to get the taste out of my mouth. He's so thoughtful and takes such good care of me.

Last week, J.R. probably thinks he rocks because I came home one night and found my tennis shoes and nice and bright white from a fresh cleaning. He would be right he does rock for cleaning my shoes, without my ever asking for it. But no this week I have a much different reason why he rocks. Time and time again on this posts I proclaim how my husband rocks because he's done this, that or the other thing for me. This is all wonderful but this week I wanted something different.

Different is what I came up with. This week my husband rocks because of his ability to make me laugh. With all this weight loss I've been going through clothes and throwing out old things left and right. It's a nice feeling but our budget can't always handle new clothes. Thankfully, a good friend of mine has been losing weight as well and she's a few sizes smaller.

This is perfect because I get all her old stuff. The other day she gave me her size 12 jeans. I'm not quite there yet but I thought it would be interesting to try them on. To my amazement I actually was able to get them on! I was very excited. Now I wasn't kidding myself here, they didn't fit, end of story. But I was able to squeeze into them and even button them up. In my excitement, I showed J.R. I was able to fit in these jeans. Immediately, he told me good job. I then raised my shirt a bit to show him there was no way I could actually wear these jeans in public, yet. He laughed and told me, "that's not even a muffin top, that's a loaf." I burst out laughing. He was right. So this particular week my husband rocks because he is able to keep me laughing, even if it is at my own expense. :)

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