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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Husband Rocks! ~ Family

This weeks is a bit late in coming but not for a lack of having a reason. In fact, I've had the reason in mind since the beginning of last week. J.R. has come to expect these posts and asks me about it when I don't post in a timely manner. :) So here's your late one.

All last week J.R. kept trying to guess why he would rock this week. His first guess was when he took me to Wendy's to get a fish sandwich. I'm extremely picky about the fish I eat and Wendy's has the best fish sandwich. Unfortunately, they are only offered during this time of the year. So I was quite pleased when I was able to get one again. But no this is not the reason my husband rocks this week.

J.R.'s second guess came when he made my sandwich for lunch for me not once but twice. While an amazing and much appreciated gesture, this is not why he rocks this week.

No, the reason he rocks this week was when I found a conversation between he and my dad on my facebook page. I guess J.R. was on my facebook (not an unusual thing) and my dad started talking to him. What I read between the two of them made me so happy. It is so nice to know that J.R. has become such an important part of not just my life but my entire family's life. He truly is a son to my parents. It just means so much to me to know this and to see evidence of it. And this is why my husband rocks this week. :)

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