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My Husband Rocks! ~ Dinner

This week is going to be short and sweet I'm afraid. I've been really tired and slightly sick all week long. This workout routine I'm on is starting to wear me thin. But I keep moving. That is why having dinner all ready the moment I come home is so nice for me. J.R. gets off work a few hours before I'm able to make my own way home. This entire week he has had dinner ready and waiting for me. He even makes sure I have enough calories for what he's making for the evening. And that is why he rocks this week. It means so much to me that I don't have to worry about it at all, especially when I'm starving on my way home. So thanks babe for thinking of me! 

My Husband Rocks! ~ Nursing and Laughter

Since I missed last weeks post today my husband rocks for two different reasons. While I failed to post last week doesn't mean I didn't think of an amazing way that my husband rocks. :)

First this weeks reason. For the past few weeks I've had a nasty cough that seems to come and go at will. It's rather quite annoying but no other symptoms have come about so I haven't been too concerned. None of my coworkers have gotten sick, thankfully, only annoyed with my coughing. The other day my coughing was so bad I woke up with my throat completely raw and sore. This is when I finally decided I should see the doctor about this nasty cough.

In the meantime, I needed some relief. I asked J.R. if he could run to the store and get me some cough syrup. He, of course, obliged. But this is not why he rocks this week. He rocks because not only did he get me some nyquil but dayquil as well, he also brought me a slice of bread with my medicine. He did this because he knows abhore t…

My Husband Rocks! ~ Family

This weeks is a bit late in coming but not for a lack of having a reason. In fact, I've had the reason in mind since the beginning of last week. J.R. has come to expect these posts and asks me about it when I don't post in a timely manner. :) So here's your late one.
All last week J.R. kept trying to guess why he would rock this week. His first guess was when he took me to Wendy's to get a fish sandwich. I'm extremely picky about the fish I eat and Wendy's has the best fish sandwich. Unfortunately, they are only offered during this time of the year. So I was quite pleased when I was able to get one again. But no this is not the reason my husband rocks this week.
J.R.'s second guess came when he made my sandwich for lunch for me not once but twice. While an amazing and much appreciated gesture, this is not why he rocks this week.
No, the reason he rocks this week was when I found a conversation between he and my dad on my facebook page. I guess J.R. was on my …

Pep Talks and Motivation

I am now half way through my second week of workouts. I am pleased to say I was able to stick with my routine for (almost) an entire week. (I bailed one particular day, but more on that a bit later.) I was more than a little bit sore and pretty tired but was able to keep up with it. So far this week I'm off to a pretty good start. However, don't let me make it sound easy because it certainly hasn't been.

Monday morning, after dropping J.R. off at work, I was ready to start week 2. Less than half way through the routine, I was ready to quit. This was definitely more difficult than last week. I had to continually give myself pep talks in order to get through the whole thing. But get through it I did.

The rest of the day I was completely exhausted with zero motivation to do anything. That evening, the last thing I wanted to do was walk. With the help of J.R., we made our way out into the almost freezing cold to have our nightly walk. It was a struggle. (Especially considerin…