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Moving Right Along

Back in November, I wrote about my weight loss journey. I have been at this now for almost a year and a half. As I said previously, I have taken the slower pace. From everything I've heard and read (and believe me I read just about every nutrition article I find) this is the most effective way for long term and permanent weight loss. So I keep chugging along. To date I've lost 53 pounds, no small feat.

However, I still have another 30-40 pounds I would like to lose. Lately, I have been getting anxious to get the rest of the weight off. I'm tired of the up and down and super slow progress. I just want to be done and on the maintenance road already.

This coupled with the fact that I'm no longer in my 20's and let just say after losing over 50 pounds things don't go back where they should. I'm feeling squishy in certain areas, particularly my middle. There is now a need to tone up a bit, which I'm hoping will help me get rid of my remaining 30-40 pounds a bit more quickly than the last 50.

To this end, I discovered a free weight loss program that I believed would help me get into shape and into those size 12 (or should I dare to dream size 10) pants a bit more quickly. I signed up and the nutrition menu was sent to me, as I scanned the meal plan I gasped in horror. No dairy, no sugar!?! (Among other things)Um may have to rethink this a bit.

I tried to talk myself into it, attempting to convince myself that it would only be for a few weeks and the next phase I would be able to eat more variety. Then I discovered this torturous meal plan would last for 6 weeks. It would mean the end of any sort of eating out, which is our main means of socialization if you really think about it. It would mean a lot of work, stress and frustration on my part, should I choose to go through with it. This was something that if I decided to go through with, I wanted to do 100%.

I spent a day lamenting over this decision. I was truly torn apart. As I was spouting my frustration to J.R. he came up with a brilliant but simple idea. I was so involved in my frustration that I wasn't able to think of a clear solution. The man is a genius. :) He suggested I continue to do what I'm doing with my diet (considering I've been fairly successful with that) and follow the workout routine they provide. Brilliant!

The truth is my diet has worked so far and I'm continually adjusting things. But it's something I can manage in the long term because I don't feel deprived, something I can't say about the other diet. Currently, I'm adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet, never a bad idea. My next plan of action is to attempt cutting my sodium levels down, not an easy task.

That evening J.R. and I went to the store and bought a kettlebell for me (the only piece of equipment I would need for the exercise program). After reading through the guidelines and suggestions, I picked out a 15 pound kettlebell.
While I continue my current plan of action in the food department, my exercise (or rather lack of exercise) has been turned on its flabby little head. The program consists of 4 different kettlebell workouts each week, a 30 minute walk 7 days a week and a cardio challenge on the weekend. I also drink 12 8oz. glasses of water a day, that's 96oz. Yikes!

So far this week I have been able to accomplish my goal of simply sticking to the plan. Monday morning I was off and running so to speak. Can I just say OW! I have been so sore the past two days. If I stay still for took long, I can barely move when I get up again. But I know all this will be well worth it. Today, I'm finally feeling a bit better, though I worked out yet again today. To me it's not just about losing the weight, although it is an amazing benefit. For me, I simply want to be healthy and be able to be active and live my life.

This marks the second phase of my getting healthy. I'm hoping to post my results and progress as an added motivator to keep up with things and be active. So far so good! :)


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