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My Husband Rocks! ~ Athletic Support

This week my husband rocks for not one but two reasons. The first reason he rocks is his brilliant ability to solve my problem. I truly was frustrated with my decision on whether or not to follow this diet I found. He was able to step in and see a clear solution for me and I love that about him. On another level, I think I needed the permission to alternate things a bit from the pressure I was placing on myself to go through this diet plan.
The second reason my husband rocks this week is his willingness to support me in my exercise efforts. Not only has he bought me the proper equipment to fulfill this exercise routine, including a new pair of tennis shoes I've been wanting for over a year now, he has joined me in my walks every evening. I truly appreciate all his support and encouragement and that's why he rocks!

Moving Right Along

Back in November, I wrote about my weight loss journey. I have been at this now for almost a year and a half. As I said previously, I have taken the slower pace. From everything I've heard and read (and believe me I read just about every nutrition article I find) this is the most effective way for long term and permanent weight loss. So I keep chugging along. To date I've lost 53 pounds, no small feat.

However, I still have another 30-40 pounds I would like to lose. Lately, I have been getting anxious to get the rest of the weight off. I'm tired of the up and down and super slow progress. I just want to be done and on the maintenance road already.

This coupled with the fact that I'm no longer in my 20's and let just say after losing over 50 pounds things don't go back where they should. I'm feeling squishy in certain areas, particularly my middle. There is now a need to tone up a bit, which I'm hoping will help me get rid of my remaining 30-40 pounds a …

My Husband Rocks! ~ Valentine's

I'm really going to try to get back into the swing of blogging more frequently. I figure at least doing this once a week is about the best one I could do all week anyway, so might as well start here. :) And now I'm at two weeks in a row, a small miracle considering my recent history.
Anyway on to why my husband rocks this week. As I'm sure most are aware, Monday was Valentine's Day. Typically, J.R. and I don't do a lot to commemorate the day. The sentiment of the day is nice but a big deal is not necessary in either of our books. (Last year, we were in the middle of a store shopping and came across gifts we wanted to give each other. So we bought them and gave them to each other right then and there. No cards, that's it.)
This year I decided to do something a little special. So I made J.R. a little something out of candy and left it for him to find that morning. I thought it was fitting considering his obsession with all things planes. :)

Last weekend, J.R. sent …

My Husband Rocks! - Pedicure

I haven't done one of these in an extremely long time. However, I felt that it was time to start again, not to mention the need to start blogging in general again. It's been too long. :) This week my husband rocks because Saturday he sent his mom and I out to get pedicures for Valentine's Day. This was so very sweet and unexpected. (I won't mention the fact that part of his motivation was to get out of painting my toes himself. lol) But that's why my husband rocks this week. He's so thoughtful and spoils me in amazing and unexpected ways. :)