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My Great Journey

If you have been reading my blog (which there hasn't been much to read, something I'd like to change) you would know what a difficult last two years J.R. & I have been through. Thankfully, things are beginning to pick up a bit. I am now fully employed. It's not at all what I would like to be doing and the pay isn't the greatest. I'm also bored out of my mind (there is a LOT of downtime, I'm writing this at work). However, I am thrilled beyond words to be working full time once again and so very thankful that we can begin to climb out of this hole. Hopefully, I will one day be able to get back to doing something I love.

Because of the seeming spiral of chaos my life has been on the past couple of years, I felt the need to take control of at least one part of my life, a part I neglected for far too long. Last September I had enough and began my weight loss journey.

It has been quite the adventure. Every time I see that scale go down, I am further motivated to continue on. I have been adamant that I am not dieting. I am merely changing the way I eat. I do not deprive myself of things I want. I merely force myself a delayed gratification or budget out the necessary calories in order to have what I want.

I have been so adamant about not dieting because they simply do not work in the long run. They require you to deprive yourself of many things you love and as soon as you stop dieting the pounds pack back on. That is not to say I don't force myself to do without, but I also am not horribly strict with myself. I was looking for a life change and not merely a quick fix.

The weight has come off slow with many ups and downs and even some stalls. But it has come off nevertheless. As of today, I have lost 44.2 pounds. That is very exciting for me and it only spurs me on to do better. I would like to lose another 30 or 40 pounds. I realize this sounds like a lot. However, according to my BMI (which by the way I think is complete and utter nonsense, I think the height to waist ratio is a bit more accurate) I should lose a total of 122 pounds. That's just not going to happen, nor do I want it to. It would make me far too skinny for my frame and body type.

So I keep plugging along. I am most definitely excited to be more than half way to my final goal. Until then every ounce I lose is just further motivation to keep it up. Every time I have a craving I remind myself how good it feels when I step on that scale and it is lower than the day before. Or when all my clothes are looser and looser and definitely exciting to get into clothes I haven't in years. It's a daily struggle but the benefits far outweigh everything else. I can't wait to reach my end goal!

Before August 2008
During August 2010


  1. You look great! And congrats on the full time job!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! That's my goal for 2011 (yet again!).

    Happy new year!

    Happy blogoversary!

  3. Thanks so much! Good luck to you!


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