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My Great Journey

If you have been reading my blog (which there hasn't been much to read, something I'd like to change) you would know what a difficult last two years J.R. & I have been through. Thankfully, things are beginning to pick up a bit. I am now fully employed. It's not at all what I would like to be doing and the pay isn't the greatest. I'm also bored out of my mind (there is a LOT of downtime, I'm writing this at work). However, I am thrilled beyond words to be working full time once again and so very thankful that we can begin to climb out of this hole. Hopefully, I will one day be able to get back to doing something I love.

Because of the seeming spiral of chaos my life has been on the past couple of years, I felt the need to take control of at least one part of my life, a part I neglected for far too long. Last September I had enough and began my weight loss journey.

It has been quite the adventure. Every time I see that scale go down, I am further motiva…