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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 5

A photo of you

Opps almost forgot about today's post as Thursdays are my "long" day at work, which simply means I have to work 5 hours instead of 3. It also means I don't have a lot of extra time to mess around on the computer during the day. :) Anyway on to today's picture. 

I wasn't too sure about what picture to choose for this one. The picture I did choose used to be my facebook picture for the longest time. It's another self-done picture this time with my phone instead of a real camera because at that time we had no real camera, at least not a working one. I love this picture for a number of different reasons. 

First the expression on my face, it shows a bit of personality which tends to be lacking in many pictures of me. I'm the quiet and shy type and even though I am blessed to photograph very well (thank God for being photogenic!) my shyness doesn't lend itself for much of my personality to show through. (Which in itself is a reflection of my personality but I digress.) 

I love the look on my face and oddly enough that was a complete fluke. I was facing a window and a bird caught my eye as it flew by which is the reason for my sideways glance. I was watching the bird. :) I also love that hair cut. I'm currently growing my hair out, but I really do love that look. It will return one day. :) Finally, the color of my eyes is amazing in this picture. My eyes aren't usually that blue. There were other pictures that day and the color of my eyes ranges from blue to gray to even green. So strange. 

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