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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 14

A photo of one of your favorite family members

If you've read my blog any (or even just yesterday) you know my mom and I are really close. However, one person I don't talk about too much is my dad. My family picks on my dad quite a bit and he tends to be the brunt of all our jokes. But he takes it all in stride. He's a dork, big time. (Unfortunately, the man I married is almost exactly like him, not exactly what I planned.) But I couldn't have asked for a better example of how a man should treat his wife and family. He is the reason I choose the man I did because I saw all those qualities in J.R. (unfortunately some of the less desirable qualities showed up too). He is also the reason our family is what it is. And why, as of yesterday, my parents have been married for 33 years (after having met just 7 months prior). He doesn't get much of the respect and recognition he deserves. But he loves us all the same and never misses a chance to tell us how much we mean to him and how proud he is of us. And for that he is one of my favorite family members. :)

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