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Day 30

A photo of when you were happy

This picture was taken this weekend. Have to say I was very happy to be with my mom again. J.R.'s not too bad either. : )

Day 29

A photo of someone you find attractive
I've never really been one to have celebrity crushes. I honestly don't see the point. Actually, my attraction to this particular celebrity doesn't have much to do with the person himself. Oh, I'm sure John Krasinski is a good guy. However, my attraction has to do with the fictional character he plays. Quite honestly, Jim Halpert makes me swoon. I got a late start to watching this particular series. I went back and rented the previous seasons to get caught up with the story line. I'm not too sure J.R. appreciated this. Especially, after one particular episode I informed J.R. that he had a problem as I was in love with a fictional character. lol

Day 28

A photo of what you ate today

I'm a bit behind in finishing this 30 day picture blog. However, I have good reason. My mom was in town, not to mention Saturday was also my birthday. So we were busy, busy, busy. It's also the reason I was able to have this beautiful cake on my birthday.

Day 27

A photo of last summer
Last year around this time J.R. and I went down to San Diego for my birthday. We spent the day at SeaWorld then went down to the bay for a walk. It was a very nice relaxing day. We ended the day with some fireworks over the bay. It was pretty cool.

Day 26

A photo of your favorite weekend

This is definitely my favorite weekend. Not only was it our wedding, but also the beginning of one the best weeks with our honeymoon.

Day 25

A photo of a night you loved
This was a fantastic night for us. We were on our honeymoon, a cruise to Mexico. We took a sunset sail in Puerto Vallarta. It was fantastic! Everyone else on board was plastered, so there was entertainment from them. But it was just a beautiful and relaxing evening. One of my favorites. It's been such a long time since we've had an actual vacation (this one being the last) that it makes me want to get away again so desperately.

Day 24

A photo that your hair looks nice in

Today was a toss up for me. I couldn't decide which I liked better. The first picture is of me and my dad. I think I was about 20 at the time. Apparently still learning the whole makeup thing, because yikes that is terrible. But the hair is fantastic. I am loving those long locks. (Grow hair grow.) The second is obviously at my wedding. I absolutely loved how my hair was done that day. As it is next to impossible to get curls to stay in my hair (it's too heavy to hold a curl), I loved having those curls.

Day 23

A photo of your friend as a baby This is J.R. as a baby. Quite frankly todays topic is a bit odd to me. I don't have any pictures of my friends as a baby and I'm not sure who would. Thankfully, this works. Isn't he cute? :)

Day 22

A photo of your town
I really love where we live. However, because we left our church and my parents moved away, we really don't feel connected to anyone or anything here anymore. As much as we like where we live, we just don't feel like there is anything for us here any more. We are definitely up for a move, we're just not sure where yet.

Day 21

A photo of you standing up

This was taken a few weeks ago in Solana Beach. J.R. rode down there on his bike (he was training for a century ride) and was going to take the train back. His mom and I decided to take the train down and back with him. It turned out to be a nice day. However, the trip down there was a bit crazy. First off, the train was so packed that we stood the entire train ride down. Not fun. The reason the train was packed was it was opening day at the races. That also means that in the midst of this packed train we were just about the only sober ones at 11:00 in.the.morning. Insane. But once we got off that crazy train we were good for the day.

Day 20

A photo of something you enjoy doing
Today's post features two of my favorite things. From a very early age I loved to read and would devour books one by one. I am still one to pick up a book and devour it, being unable to put it down once I've started. Quite often, as this picture shows (thanks so much for documenting this for me babe) I will fall asleep reading. This brings me to the second of my favorite things to do, sleep. I do love my sleep. I know this may make me sound lazy but I don't care. I love to sleep. I stay up late and am not at all a morning person so I sleep in until my body says its time to get up, which more often than not is just your "typical" 8 hours of sleep anyway.

Day 19

A photo of you on a school trip

Again today I realize was not what was intended for todays picture, however, being a teacher I was able to cheat a little bit. This is me (I'm on the far left in the light blue.) at the last winter retreat with the rest of my fellow teachers. I have to say this was so much fun for us. They hire someone to plan all the activities and services for the students so all we have to do is show up and be counselors. It's really nice. This particular day we were asked to help with a few activities. Beforehand they took us out to this snow covered field to setup and show us the games. What the students had no idea was just minutes before they arrived to play their games, their teachers had been in the midst of one interesting snowball fight. So much fun. 

Day 18

A photo of one of your classes

I realize this isn't quite what was intended for today. However, its the best I was able to come up with. These are a couple of pictures of my very first classroom. I was in a portable room at the time, so it wasn't the greatest room. But I made do with what I had and I loved it. As you can see from the first picture, sort of, I love a ton of color in my classroom. (And don't mind the papers on the desks in the second one. I was still in the midst of decorating and all that went on the wall somewhere.) I also have inspirational quotes all over the place. I figure if the kids are going to stare off, I may as well give them something to think about. :) So there's my class. I really do miss having my own classroom oh so much. It's been two long years, which has been too long a time.

Day 17

A drunk photo of you
Well, today's is a bit of a bust (literally and figuratively). The above photo says it all. It's not that I'm ashamed to post said picture. It's simply that picture doesn't exist.

Day 16

A photo of you at the last party you went to

Technically, a wedding is a party right? Cause this is all I've got. :) This is from J.R.'s uncle's wedding (you know the one to his ex-wife). I was so proud to be wearing that dress that day. I wore that dress for the first time shortly after J.R. and I were engaged. Wearing it again meant so much to me and really proved to me how far I have come in this whole weight loss journey. There are ups and downs, there always are. But seeing this picture and being able to wear this dress makes up for all those ups and downs, not to mention all the deprivation of cravings that are no good for me. This is greater than any sweet I could have. :) If you're curious I've lost 39 lbs . . . and counting.

Day 15

A photo of you and someone you love

This is J.R. and I up at Big Bear for a weekend with his family. This was taken while we were still dating so it's a big dated. But it's also one of my favorite pictures of us.

Day 14

A photo of one of your favorite family members
If you've read my blog any (or even just yesterday) you know my mom and I are really close. However, one person I don't talk about too much is my dad. My family picks on my dad quite a bit and he tends to be the brunt of all our jokes. But he takes it all in stride. He's a dork, big time. (Unfortunately, the man I married is almost exactly like him, not exactly what I planned.) But I couldn't have asked for a better example of how a man should treat his wife and family. He is the reason I choose the man I did because I saw all those qualities in J.R. (unfortunately some of the less desirable qualities showed up too). He is also the reason our family is what it is. And why, as of yesterday, my parents have been married for 33 years (after having met just 7 months prior). He doesn't get much of the respect and recognition he deserves. But he loves us all the same and never misses a chance to tell us how much we mean to h…

Day 13

A photo of your best friend
Growing up I never had much luck with best friends of the female persuasion. Most of my best friends were boys. This didn't just begin during my teenage years either. As a small child my best friends were always male. I just never got the drama of girls and would rather sit it out. Not to mention, most girls didn't really like me too much as a teenager, that was just fine with me. Now there are three people in my life I consider my best friends. First, is no surprise as she's been my best friend forever it seems, my mom. This is us on a family trip to Ontario, Canada eh. 

Then of course there's J.R. Don't know what I'd do without him. He just gets me and knows how to handle me better than just about anyone I've ever met. Love you babe!

Then there's this girl, Melissa. I had to steal this picture off her fb because the girl doesn't like to take pictures, ever. This is the one picture she actually likes so I figured she wouldn…

Day 12

A photo of you

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of me. :) I was probably 4 or 5 here. Who knows what is going through that little mind? 

Day 11

A photo of your favorite film(s)

These are just a few of my favorites. I think they represent my taste in movies pretty well. You've got your comedy with Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a classic, which I can recite I've seen so many times. You have your dramas with Shawshank Redemption and Remember the Titans (had to put that one in there as I love my football). Then you've got your thrillers with The Game. I especially love the ones that mess with your mind the way this one does. (Inception seems to do a good job of that too.) So here are just some of my favorites.

Day 10

A photo of you as a baby

This is me and my mom. She used to make matching outfits for us to wear when I was a kid. She's quite the seamstress actually. When I see these pictures of her at this age, its a bit odd because I see so much of myself in her. I've been missing her a bit and was extremely excited to find out she's coming to visit for my birthday. Yay!

Day 9

A photo of your family

This was the last time we were all together. This was during our visit at Christmas. This picture is a little too "everyone stand in line" for me but it's the best we got that day. For some reason, all the pictures with my whole family, including J.R., turn out not so great. Since my brother moved to Texas in June, J.R. and I are alone out here, at least when it comes to my family. This is by far the longest I have gone without seeing my parents. I miss them all.