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New Job! (Again)

I have grand plans for a post of my trip to Texas, but this past week flew by and I didn't get the chance. I've only been home just over a week and it feels like forever ago that I was there. We had a really nice time with my parents. But I'll save the whole story for another post. 

If you've been keeping up with what's been going on around here you'd remember I was finally able to get a job after over a year of searching. (Details here.) Well, that wonderful job came to an abrupt end when they refused to let me go to Texas for Christmas. This trip had been planned since July and there was no way I wasn't going to go. So I was forced to quit, something I was both sad and happy about. I had very mixed feelings about the job in the first place. I was told they might have something for me when I returned but let's just say I wasn't holding my breath on the matter.

When we got back from Texas I was in a bit of a panic concerning the whole job situation. I…

A New Year! A New Blog!

A new year has come around once again. It seems every year moves more and more quickly than the last, and with every New Year there is a sense of renewal, almost a do over. It spurs many to make resolutions that often don't make it past the first week. It's a time in which we are hopeful and look forward to what the future may bring.

I admit I am no different in these respects. No, I am not making resolutions that are sure to fail soon after they are made. I am, however, looking expectantly forward and hoping for a brighter future. If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you will notice (other than the scarcity of my posts this past year) is that the past few years have been difficult for J.R. and I as it seems we slip further and further down. Yet I continue to hope that things will change. (Side note: I'm extremely thankful that I have such a wonderful husband and that our marriage has stayed strong despite our difficulties. It seems as if we hold on to …